Is the nation ready for Godfather Pacquiao?


Michael?  Or Fredo?

Ready or not, he could easily become the next president.

A very insightful piece by ESPN, of all sources, takes a hard look at what a Pacquiao presidency could mean.

He could certainly unify a whole lot of the nation, at least for a while.

He’s personally very disciplined.  And he believes the Philippines needs discipline too.  Hard to arque about that.  The Philippines absolutely craves discipline.

He’s adored by many.  He’s humble.  Unlike Dturd, he actually did grow up in dire poverty and experience the hardship of life.

He passes out free money to poor people who line up in front of his mansion, a generous if token gesture that also reinforces the debilitating mentality of patronage and serfdom.

He has no coherent ideology, is very light on education, even lighter on administrative skill and experience, subscribes to shallow dogma and fatalism, and surrounds himself mostly with sipsips.

In advocating the death penalty, he says ridiculous shit like “God allows governments to use capital punishment.  Even Jesus Christ was sentenced to death because the government imposed the rule then.”

He’s a craven apologist for Dturd.

And one brief passage in the ESPN story sums things up nicely:

“The global rise of populist strongmen like his ally Duterte, men who have weaponized the rhetoric of strength, is predicated on its supposed ability to elevate and protect these people. It is a phenomenon Jonathan Miller, in his book “Rodrigo Duterte: Fire and Fury in the Philippines,” calls the Strongman Paradox. Citizens believe they are empowering themselves by electing such a leader, when in reality everything the strongman gains, the populace loses.”


Why do people still clap for this douchebag?

Duterte fist

You clap and he just punches you in the face again.

He’s presided over a tidal wave of police murders.  He’s selling the nation out to China as fast as he can.  He’s a crude, sleazy jerk.  Yet he’s still very popular among the people he’s clearly shafting.

So what gives?

The venerable Atlantic takes a stab at that seeming paradox and seems to accept two conclusions:  Many people feel safer because Dturd’s “war on drugs” has chased neighborhood punks off the corners; and people were very disillusioned with the weak leadership of wealthy elites who talked a good game at times but seemed so ineffective at improving the quality of life.

Fair enough.  But maybe there’s something more basic at work here:  People cheer for Dturd because he portrays himself as a tough guy who takes no shit from anyone, even though in reality he bends over and grabs his ankles.

In a nation where so many people feel powerless and frustrated, the faux tough guy gives them something to feel good about and attach their emotions to.  They really hate serving the local elites and the wealthy foreigners here and abroad, so they cheer the guy who insults them and says the things they wish they could say.

And there’s another important dynamic:  the Philippines craves discipline.  Really.

Popular and political culture is very adolescent, and adolescents often act out because they need, and subconsciously want, firm guidance.

The ingrained cultural trait of being flexible and non-confrontational, and cutting corners, can also be seen everywhere.  People tossing litter on the streets, cutting in lines, cheating, doing shoddy work, disregarding traffic signals and all the rest while usually receiving no rebuke from anyone unless they’re in a clear position of authority and explicitly tasked with regulating some specific behavior.

Yet most people will actually follow rules and laws if somebody makes it clear that they will be enforced.  Too often, that somebody is simply missing.

So when somebody portrays themself as a strong leader who takes no shit, and as a straight-talker who doesn’t try to fool anyone with niceties, many people succumb to their emotional needs and gravitate toward them, much as downtrodden people tend to cheer for winning sports teams and celebrities — who really don’t give a shit about them in return.

What we have here is a form of massive self-delusion.  That, and the sipsip mentality of sucking up to those in positions of power and jumping on their bandwagon because it might pay off.

Or at least make them feel like winners.

Dturd wasn’t kidding when he pledged to sell the nation out to China

Duterte 2

King Dutampo

But all that shit about the jet ski was just talk.

It’s hard to know when to take Dturd seriously.  He’ll say just about anything, and it’s usually something really stupid.

But there’s really no escaping the fact that he was for real when he said in 2016 that he’d gladly sell out the sovereignty of the Philippines to China in exchange for some hefty investment and infrastructure projects. 

And now he’s taking it a step further and bowing down about as low as possible to his Chinese masters, all while posing as some sort of nationalist delivering the nation from the clutches of evil America.

He must have caught on long ago that this kind of vapid Communist rhetoric is the easy way to explain away just about any sellout or power grab in the Philippines.

It’s been used for so long by the commies and the namby pamby elite “nationalists” alike that you’d really think people would catch on by now and hoot that stupid shit down.

But apparently not.

Well, some folks wanted to suck up to Japan in the late 1930s and early 1940s, which only precipitated an invasion and brutal occupation.

And some folks tried in 1991 to squeeze the US for more money in exchange for military basing rights, but they painted themselves into a corner, their bluff was called, and China quickly moved into the vacuum once the bases were closed.  The “nationalists” have been whining ever since, trying to blame the U.S. for their foolish pride and enormous miscalculations. But they still smile and thump their chests with cheesy nationalist bluster every chance they get.

So there you have it.  If your ambition is to become a vassal state of China, your wish is coming true.

Just remember that it’s YOUR wish.  And just don’t be in denial about your choices.


Go ahead and suck up to your new boss.

Surprise! Manila’s airports suck. Big time.

And transferring from one terminal to another sucks even worse.

That’s the inescapable conclusion reached by a person well-versed in transiting international airports, and it comes as no surprise to anyone with much experience navigating the nonsense in and around Manila’s airports.

“Connecting on Philippine Airlines at Manila Airport is the world’s worst single airline hub transfer experience,” the expert proclaims.

Well, air travel is actually quite a bit better, at least in some ways, than it was in the old monopoly era of Plane Always Late.  Terminals 2 and 3 are a step up from the shit pit that is terminal 1.  But managing this herd of cats?  That’s another story.

Some commenters lament the fact that so many people in positions of petty authority can be so surly and unhelpful in a land that’s known for the warmth of its people.  It’s a paradox that’s hard to explain but it’s so, so true.

So many people who have gotten themselves into little security or lower-level management gigs, or even customer service, can be so ridiculously pretentious when wielding their new-found clout, and seem to believe that they are expected to lord it over everyone they can, even the paying customers who justify their existence in those roles, or to mindlessly obstruct.  And there are always at least three people available to do poorly what one well-trained person could handle.  This obviously does not apply only to the airports.

The commentary about the airports appeared on a fairly obscure website, which is probably good for the author.  If it had caused a big splash, the Dturd gang would probably have had a cow and put the author on the immigration black list, rather than simply acknowledge the problems and commit to correcting them.

Because when some folks get a little authority . . .

Butthurt clown king has meltdown

Duterte confused

“What, me worry?”

UPDATE 2/14/2020:  Meanwhile, quack lawyer, flamboyant media whore and failed Dturd minion Harry Roque must be missing the limelight and has crawled out of his closet to babble to whoever will listen.

Nose Roque shouting

Remember this idiot?

This time, he’s peddling to CNN the preposterous argument that a US marine convicted of homicide in the death of a transvestite prostitute several years ago should be transferred to a Philippine prison upon the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement. (The marine is currently imprisoned on a Philippine military base under conditions agreed upon by the Philippines and the U.S., which is precisely what the VFA mandates.)

Surely, even a dufus like Roque is smart enough to understand that a case duly adjudicated under provisions of the VFA does not suddenly revert to some pre-VFA status upon termination of the VFA.  Current Dturd mouthpiece Salvador Panelo — the dufus who replaced the even more incompetent Roque — told CNN that the marine’s situation would not be affected by termination of the VFA.

No shit, Sherlock.

In other words, there’s no story here.

You’d really think that by now big-name media outlets like CNN would realize that Roque is full of shit and will say just about anything to get attention, yet they treat him as if he were a credible source of information and provide him with an unwarranted platform to confuse and inflame public opinion.

That’s stupid and irresponsible.  It’s “cheap date journalism,” in which a media outlet need not make any real effort to ask pertinent questions or ferret out the truth, or even make sense of a situation, but simply hand a microphone over to whoever is eager to spout off about something.

In this case, CNN even managed to get its story factually incorrect by reporting that the marine “was found guilty in the 2014 murder.”  In truth, the marine was charged with murder but found guilty of the lesser crime of homicide.  A killing is not necessarily a murder, which was the entire crux of the case, yet these idiots still can’t get the basics straight some six years later.  Amazing incompetence.

The real story here is that the U.S. fully cooperated with every aspect of the investigation and court proceedings that resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of an American serviceman for a crime committed in the Philippines.

In other words, the VFA functioned exactly as it was designed to function, despite the constant ridiculous theatrics of Roque and the assorted Communist blowhards and self-serving douchebags who attached themselves to the sordid spectacle for devious propaganda purposes and turned the atmosphere outside the courtroom into a ridiculous freak show.

CNN should really be asking why Roque has still not been disbarred for illegally facilitating the embarrassing breach of a Philippine military facility.

UPDATE 2/14/2020:  Even the perpetually petulant Inquirer has sobered up a bit and forced itself to admit that abruptly abrogating the Visiting Forces Agreement might actually be pretty bad for the Philippines.

It’s refreshing, if somewhat amusing, to see the Inquirer drag itself into reality after so many years of bitchy and often sensational anti-American rhetorical blather.

Even so, the pseudo-nationalist “intellectuals” and closet Communists running that shit show really had to force themselves to admit the obvious, to wit:

“In brief, the VFA has its strong and weak points, the latter vividly standing out in the context of a former colony still shackled by its colonized past. Yet the US government’s “soft” presence is also manifested in sundry forms of humanitarian assistance, such as what was displayed in the aftermath of Supertyphoon “Yolanda” in 2013.

A renegotiation of the VFA to make it as close as realistically possible to an agreement between equals is the correct way to go in this fraught issue.”

What, exactly, needs to be urgently renegotiated is, of course, unclear, but they’ll always find something to whine about.  In the past, they’ve wasted a lot of space grumbling about the fact that the VFA provides the US military with custody over American personnel charged with crimes in the Philippines until all court proceedings are exhausted.  They’ve never got around to explaining why that very reasonable arrangement is so onerous and unacceptable, other than referencing vague concerns about national sovereignty — that is, pseudo-nationalist ego.

But the Philippine government, and quite a lot of the media, seem to run mostly on vanity and the warped cult of victim-posturing.  A perfect example is Dturd’s tantrum over the principled denial of Bato dela Rosa’s visa application over his undeniably atrocious involvement in the mass slaughter of Filipinos in Dturd’s phony “drug war.”

Dturd fumes that the Americans are “rude” and “arrogant” for standing up for ordinary Filipinos who have been callously assassinated by his criminal regime.

What a twisted sense of priorities and Orwellian view of reality.

UPDATE 2/13/2020:  So much for all the vague talk about “strengthening our own defenses and not relying on any other country.”  It turns out that what Dturd really means is more aggressively peddling his wrinkled ass to all takers and sucking up to the Russians as well as the Chinese.

These kinds of games rarely turn out well for weak and greedy opportunists like the Dturd gang.  Pretty soon, people are going to really, really wish they could turn back the clock, and the bad old days of Yankee imperialism that so many fake nationalists perpetually whine about are going to look very, very good in comparison.

UPDATE 2/11/20:  Well, Dturd doubled down on the crazy and actually had notice served on the U.S. that he was terminating the Visiting Forces Agreement and officially bending over for a panda gang-bang.

The usual blind and dogmatic commie press release junkies celebrated but it’s just never enough to make them shut up and go away.

Others of a more sober nature contemplated the actual effects of this stupid, rash, and exceedingly childish move.

And some, sounding more than a bit like apologists, opine that “behind this veneer of personal grievance lies a long-term desire to wean the Philippines away from the United States and deliver it into a strategic alignment with China before Duterte’s term ends in 2022.”

That’s giving Dturd far too much credit for rational thinking.  The truth is that he simply has a life-long animosity toward Americans and is happy to sell out to China for whatever he can get to provide illusions of progress.  It really is just that simple.

Meanwhile, Dturd’s crass buffoon foreign secretary hinted quite strongly that this is all just a negotiating posture.

That’s quite likely the case.  That and a childish cry for attention.  But this time, just don’t blame the mess on the U.S. when China takes advantage.  Just don’t.

UPDATE 2/10/20:  This fiasco is quickly becoming a farce, to nobody’s particular surprise.

After letting his mouth do the thinking as well as the ranting, Dturd now looks like he’s squirming and looking for a face-saving way out.  He’s claiming that US President Donald Trump is “trying to save” the Visiting Forces Agreement.  No specifics offered, of course.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Senate just passed a what-the-fuck-are-you-thinking? resolution urging Dturd to, ahem, reconsider this idiocy.

The Senate wants to revisit the VFA, rather than abruptly scrap it.  In other words, play the China card and try to extract more giveaways from the U.S.  This shit just never ends.

Dturd’s own Cabinet is busy pointing fingers at each other and looking like a car full of clowns.  Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana publicly called Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo’s claim that Dturd had ordered that an official notice of abrogation of the VFA be sent to the U.S. “fake news.”  Ouch.  Panelo, of course, insists there’s no inconsistency in his garbled statements.

And it turns out that, all the finger-pointing aside, the U.S. has received no formal order to terminate the treaty, and presumably this all remains just a bunch of loose talk.

The American media is left to opine that Dturd’s “ego and mental instability have no limits.”

So will Dturd stick to his guns and shoot his nation in the head?  Or will he find a way to back down without looking like a big dumb pussy, so this can all just go away?

Earlier, 2/7/20:

You really know your nation is run by a petulant provincial brat when he makes rash decisions about national security that are driven by perceived slight rather than actual national security interests.

Dturd’s impulsive command to abrogate the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the U.S. — the treaty that establishes a legal framework governing U.S. troops visiting the country to interact with their Philippine counterparts — would at least make some twisted sense if he had been acting at the behest of his puppet masters in China.

But no, he’s simply flipping out because the U.S. denied a visa to his longtime gopher and enforcer, Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, who oversaw Dturd’s assassination campaigns back in Davao before Dturd inflicted him upon the entire nation with his fake “drug war” cum national distraction and bad-action-movie-fantasy-role murder spree.  Bato is now a senator and dependable Dturd stooge.

It has been reported that Dturd plans to soon have a telephone conversation with U.S. President Trump, another highly insecure national leader who’s not known for rational public policy decision-making.

Let’s see how that goes.  Dturd is no doubt desperately hoping that Trump will give him some face-saving excuse to back down from this nonsense.

And he might.  Trump is no defender of human rights, and it’s easy to see him ordering his State Department to grant Bato’s visa and say this was all a misunderstanding.

But Trump really, really doesn’t like to be muscled.  So it’s also easy to see him telling Dturd to go bend over for China until they fuck him inside out.

The irony here is that even Dturd quite likely understands that he’s making a stupid move.  But now that he’s publicly ranted about it, he can’t allow himself to back down and act like a true leader and skilled diplomat.  Nope, because the only thing that really matters is his petty macho theatrics.  Some really, really stupid, childish people are actually impressed by this type of silly bullshit.

But let’s be real here.  Dturd is desperately attempting to compensate for his personal insecurities: the facts that he was dominated by strong women as a child (and was possibly molested by a priest), grew up a spoiled petty provincial elite brat who idolized the macho bodyguards who ensured that he didn’t get his ass kicked, and has spent a lifetime affecting an underprivileged man-of-the-people and one-man-army persona to cover it all up.  It’s like a really, really shitty movie for wimpy macho-fantasizing teenagers that just keeps playing.

But would a national leader really jeopardize his nation’s defense at a critical time — when a regional bully is stealing everything it can and an enormous public health calamity is just getting started — because he’s butthurt over a perceived public slight?

A true national leader definitely would not.

But a ridiculous old tantrum-prone clown surrounded by spineless stooges might.



A big shout-out to Salvador Panelo, Philippine murder apologist!


Brown-nosed toady extraordinaire!

We really need to thank Presidential Spokesperson and Chief Toady Salvador “Dumbfuck” Panelo for bringing to our attention a new American-made documentary about President Rodrigo “D-Turd” Duterte’s murderous “drug war.”

We had not yet heard about the documentary by the US Public Broadcasting System show Frontline, which has earned a solid reputation for quality investigative reporting on many subjects.

But now Panelo has issued a statement condemning the film, and that has led us and many others to become aware of it and to eagerly anticipate watching it.

Panelo’s claim that D-Turd does not order or condone state-sponsored killings is, of course, utterly preposterous.  Of course he does, and he doesn’t even really try to hide it.  In fact he gloats about it.  But ludicrous public statements are what everyone with a shred of common sense has come to expect from D-Turd’s ridiculous butt-snuggling toady.

This documentary is long overdue, and perhaps it could be criticized for raking over some coals that have already been examined in detail by Filipino journalists and many others.

But we’ll certainly look forward to a fresh take on the situation, and to more stupid reactions from those responsible — and their absurd groupies.

A preview of the new documentary is available here.

The full film is scheduled to air in the US on October 8, 2019, and should be available on the Frontline website soon after.

In the meantime, viewers may want to check out the many other documentaries that are already available on the website regarding important topics such as immigration, public health, and US President Trump.



Duterte’s tedious whining game and shameless sell-out

Duterte confused

As most thinking people know, Philippine Dipshit-in-Chief Rodrigo Duterte is a spoiled petty-elite provincial brat who grew up protected by bodyguards and restrained only by a few strong women, but he affects street smart machismo and sexual prowess to assuage his deep and well-deserved insecurities and further his top-dog fantasies.

But when it comes right down to it, he’s obviously just a scared little bitch searching for opportunities to peddle his posterior.

That’s why he’s been such a shameless suck-up to the Chinese thugs who pretty much own him, but occasionally comes running to his American bodyguards when the Chinese bitch-slap him a little too hard.

That, in a nutshell, explains D-Turd’s stupid and reckless public statements about “invoking” the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty and rhetoric about “demanding” that the U.S. park the entire Seventh Fleet off China’s coast to protect his sorry ass.

Because this has all just been a bunch of half-assed comments from a shit-talking clown, rather than an actual request for defense assistance.

You might not get that impression from some of the sloppy and ignorant media accounts of D-Turd’s off-the-cuff remarks, which have sounded much more like the rambling nonsense of some annoying old souse at the end of the bar than presidential discourse about matters of national security.

You see, he hasn’t actually asked the U.S. to do anything at all regarding China.  He has merely made loose-cannon public comments about wanting to do so.

His toadies were forced to admit as much, “explaining” that D-Turd was merely engaging in sarcasm.

Translation:  “He was just talking out of his ass, as usual.  You should know by now that he’s just full of shit.”

It’s all just a game of posturing, deflecting and blame-shifting:  “I asked the U.S. to protect me but they wouldn’t do it, so now I have no choice but to keep selling my wrinkled old ass to China for whatever I can get.”

And stop thinking about his cowardly failure to stick up for his own country regarding fishing rights and maritime hit-and-run incidents.

When you boil it all down, D-Turd is no leader, and he’s certainly no macho bad-ass.

He’s nothing but a cheap, skanky, broken-down old whore, selling out the whole nation.

It’s a crying shame that so many stupid people can’t seem to grasp that painfully obvious truth.

The Mysterious Professor Ocampo


What a hoot.

Ateneo history prof and rambling newspaper columnist Ambeth Ocampo is known primarily for two things, aside from his obvious tragic inability to grasp the concept of personal grooming:

(1)  Getting himself lost in the weeds of historical minutiae and losing sight of the adjacent highway, to the point of routinely performing unwitting self-parody; and

(2)  Exhibiting the tired old petulant anti-Americanism with which so many Filipino pansy-elites have long sought to promote themselves, deflect their failures, and mask their personal insecurities.

He’s a diligent researcher but not much of a writer.  It must be hell to have him as a professor.

At any rate, he put his dubious traits on display once again in a recent column about certain illusions regarding Philippine independence.  Oh wait.  No, that’s what the column should have been about.  Instead, it quickly devolved into a petty attack on a very obscure minor footnote in history, one Colonel L.M. Johnson, an American who, prior to the outbreak of hostilities between American and Filipino forces in 1898, apparently offered to place himself under the command of revolutionary President Emilio Aguinaldo and quite possibly served him as an artillery officer; was a signatory to the Philippine declaration of independence (Correction:  he was referenced in the declaration but was not a signatory, despite Mr. Ocampo’s inaccurate description and similar references by many others); and subsequently faded into obscurity.

Ocampo’s column begins with a brisk examination of some common distortions of Philippine history that have long been foisted upon schoolchildren.  For example, Aguinaldo did not publicly read the declaration of Philippine independence and wave the flag to a cheering crowd from a balcony of his mansion in Kawit, Cavite, as has been depicted in fanciful artworks and simplified historical accounts.

After that, Ocampo promptly segues into an attack on Johnson, of whom he demonstrates very sparse knowledge.

After recounting a letter from Johnson to Aguinaldo in which Johnson narrates that he was accepted into Aguinaldo’s service (which the reference to Johnson on the declaration of independence would certainly appear to substantiate) but had as yet received no orders from Aguinaldo, Ocampo concludes that Johnson then “was ignored” by Aguinaldo and company.

What Ocampo obviously should have written was the apparent simple truth: Ocampo is unaware of, or could find no record of, Aguinaldo responding to Johnson, any further evidence that Johnson subsequently served under Aguinaldo, or anything else about Johnson.

But instead, he simply concludes that Johnson “was ignored,” himself ignoring the rather obvious possibilities that Johnson (1) Joined American forces after the outbreak of hostilities; (2) Died from one of the tropical maladies that decimated so many other Americans in those days; (3) Obtained alternative employment with some other up-and-coming would-be despot who had his shit a little more together; (4) Became smitten with some local belle of the ball and contented himself with more interesting endeavors; or (5) Was an American spy or informant all along, and concluded his mission.  There are plenty of other scenarios upon which to speculate, but you get the drift.  To be clear, these scenarios are presented as idle speculation, rather than fact, and to make the point that Ocampo presented no evidence that he entertained other possibilities prior to drawing his unsupported conclusions.

It turns out that other historians have researched Johnson more thoroughly, and have narrated that he was an entrepreneur, soldier of fortune, and perhaps something of a fabulist; he was considered Aguinaldo’s chief of ordnance for a time;  and that Aguinaldo may have bestowed the title of Colonel upon Johnson and used his presence at the declaration of independence to create the false impression that the United States fully supported Aguinaldo’s faction of revolutionaries and would support their power grab.

If it is true, as an American newspaper account of the time described, that Johnson had been taken onto Aguinaldo’s staff as an artillery officer, then Ocampo is flat wrong to declare, while presenting no evidence, that Johnson “was not a member of Aguinaldo’s Army.”  Ocampo also seems to overlook that Johnson apparently also not only was referenced in the declaration of independence, but publicly addressed the crowd assembled for the declaration — and as a representative of Aguinaldo and his forces.

And not content to offer as fact his unsupported conclusion that Johnson “was ignored” by the presumably intellectually superior Filipino revolutionaries, Ocampo gets carried away with himself and casts doubt upon Johnson’s professed military credentials without offering a shred of factual support, then simply proclaims that “The mysterious Colonel Johnson didn’t even make fried chicken, he was fake news.”

Setting aside Ocampo’s obviously poor sentence construction, we can assume, dear reader, that the reference to fried chicken was a lame attempt at humor by inferred reference to Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame.  Haha.  Or not.

Declaring that Johnson “was fake news” seems particularly idiotic, since this very obscure historical figure was scarcely “news” at all, and Ocampo has offered nothing to dignify his conclusion that Johnson was “fake” (or that he abstained from fried chicken, for that matter).  He was certainly no more fake than a young and ambitious regional elitist declaring himself dictator cum president of the Philippines.  Indeed, it certainly appears that, if anything, Aguinaldo was the one using Johnson to perpetrate a fraud against Filipinos and create illusions of support and legitimacy, and that Johnson eventually figured out his true position or got fed up with the incessant squabbling and dysfunction of the revolutionaries and abandoned Aguinaldo as Philippine relations with the U.S. soured and other opportunities presented themselves.  Others have found convincing evidence that Johnson had considerable military experience with artillery, had actively served Aguinaldo and engaged in actual hostilities against Spain before quitting, and later became the deputy fire chief of Manila during the early American era before going on to other adventures.

Ocampo concludes reasonably that “One hundred and twenty-one years since, we have much to (un)learn concerning Independence Day.”

Yes indeed.  But it’s rather a shame that any impressionable students or newspaper readers are learning history from a myopic professor and shitty writer with such sloppy and childish proclivities.

Was Johnson a bullshit artist?


But probably no more so than Aguinaldo.

And certainly no more so than Ocampo.

Ang Mga Totoong Bobo

Taking a new low in paranoid stupidity, unconstitutional bullying, and absurd hypocrisy, the Dturd regime’s enforcement stooges have arrested a blogger who merely shared a link to the controversial “Bikoy” propaganda videos that allege Dturd, some family members, and others are heavily involved the illegal narcotics trade, and charged the blogger with inciting sedition.

It’s impossible to tell whether there’s any, or much, truth to the claims in the videos.  But arresting somebody for simply linking to them is bound to accomplish one thing:  draw more attention to the videos and the claims they make.

(The Despicable Shitrag, otherwise known as the Manila Times, erroneously trumpeted the arrest of the person who appears in the videos and allegedly uploaded them, which says a lot about the stupidity of the people running that shit show, and their very loose standards.  Yes, this is the same stupid shitrag that published a banner story listing various media figures and legal groups allegedly engaged in a conspiracy to topple the regime.  Oh, the irony.  Incidentally, palace stooge and court jester Salvador “Dumbfuck” Panelo has flip-flopped and denied that the Times received the so-called “matrix” of alleged conspirators from Dturd, as he had claimed earlier, and has now claimed instead that the error-riddled matrix came from an unknown source.  If that nonsense were actually true, it would prove that the Manila Times has publicly lied to everyone, or was seriously duped, when it claimed in it’s doofy attempt to justify publishing the matrix that the president’s office was the source).

What all this should really do is draw more attention to the fact that Dturd has built his political career on publicly releasing lists of people and accusing them of crimes, and that many, many, many of those people were summarily executed, and that there are, to put it very mildly, very strong suspicions and credible accusations that Dturd acquiesced to, directed, or rewarded those responsible.  For decades.

The regime’s intent, of course, is to intimidate, which seems to be the only note these clowns know how to play.

So in case anyone missed it above, the link to the first “Bikoy” video is below.

Come and get us.


Manila’s matrix of idiocy

Duterte confused

Doofy Manila Times “publisher emeritus” and craven Duterte butt-snuggler Dante Ang is really owed some appreciation at this point.

His use of his despicable shitrag “newspaper” to spread wild claims of a “matrix” of conspirators engaged in a “plot” to “destabilize” the government of the clearly unstable Dipshit-in-Chief, and his laughable attempts since then to defend this kooky nonsense and attack his critics, have really done everyone a big favor.

First of all, Ang has made it abundantly clear that the Manila Times is a preposterous propaganda sheet that’s good for nothing besides a good hoot from anyone with half a brain who’s bored enough to occasionally thumb through it to see how low the toady press will stoop — although it is also useful for wiping of hindquarters by those living along the train tracks where tissue is scarce.

Second, Ang has also made it clear that the palace is spoon-feeding it the nonsense it tries to peddle — in case there were ever any doubt.

Third, Ang has made it clear to his minions that he will not tolerate anyone in his employ stating the obvious:  that a kooky diagram concocted by a dim-wit PR hack who owns a fake newspaper is not evidence of anything (besides, of course, the hack’s subservience to his abusive master).  Any minion is his employ who retains a shred of self-respect should do themself a favor and get out of that putrid snake pit at once.

But most importantly, Ang has underscored the serious need to promote and defend actual journalism in the Philippines, which is increasingly under attack from a paranoid and abusive government that’s bloated with shameless toadies and uncritically praised and defended by ridiculous ass-polishing weasels.

In a sane world, this fiasco would be the end of the Manila Times.

But shameless brown-nosers have a way of surviving while the object of their affections remains installed, so the best we can hope for is a few more good chuckles until this nightmare is finally over and a more rational leader is elected.

In related matters, it’s important to note that when Dturd flies to China to smooch the posteriors of his masters there, he quite predictably seeks to deflect attention from his subservience by posing as a nationalist and making outlandish statements to seek attention, such as his goofy tirades against Canada regarding the same old dispute over an illicit garbage shipment.

As usual, nothing will come of it but he will have diverted a few eyes while he bends over again for the giant panda gang bang.

Some things never seem to change.