Fascist clowns rule the Philippines

Duterte fist 2

Butthurt ‘strongman’ Rodrigo Duterte is a comic book thug and drug addict.


He seriously idolizes this POS who led his country to disaster and wrecked quite a few others.

Make no mistake:  The illegal ouster of Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was a cowardly and unconstitutional political lynching that has severely damaged the Philippines.

We’ve entered an era in which The Thug finds it acceptable to just make up the law as he goes along while all the spineless toadies jump into line, as with the unprecedented Boracay Island closure.

And who is the mouthpiece defending this shredding of the Constitution?  None other than former self-styled “human rights lawyer” and would-be constitutional law expert Harry “The Toad” Roque, The Thug’s official buffoon and court jester.

Might as well drop all pretense and agree to be ruled directly by China.

Alfalfa Harry-Roque fisting

This ridiculous former media whore and self-styled human rights champion sees nothing wrong with shredding the Constitution to advance his master’s political agenda.



Duterte’s two-faced ‘nationalism’ and colonial mentality

Duterte confused

Poor little ‘strongman.’  He’s fully embraced the tradition of selling out the nation and then blaming the Americans.

The Thug is a shameless butt-kissing sellout to China.  That’s plain and simple.

But could he at least stop trying to blame the Americans for it?

He’s welcomed China’s aggressive colonization of Philippine territory in the Spratly Islands, and has been “rewarded” now with Chinese missile batteries staring him in the face.

And he won’t even take a diplomatic stand against it, let alone pursue any potential remedies.

No, instead he characterizes China’s blatant seizure of Philippine territory as solely a conflict between China and the U.S., and trots out the age-out trope of Philippine politics and deflection of failure:  It’s the fault of the Americans. They should have cleaned up our mess for us.  Don’t tell us what to do!  But fix our problems for us so we don’t have to actually take any responsibility!  Anyway, China has promised to protect us.  From, uh, something.

Never mind that:

  1.  The Philippines and the U.S. are parties to a defense treaty that obligates the U.S. to defend the Philippines if attacked. The Philippines has no such treaty with China.
  2. The Americans have made clear that they do not take sides in the territorial disputes concerning the South China Sea but are committed to upholding freedom of navigation for all nations.  The defense treaty does not obligate the Americans to take sides in territorial disputes.
  3. The Philippines never asked the Americans to take action to stop the Chinese takeover of the Spratlys.
  4. If the U.S. had unilaterally intervened in the Spratlys, it would be accused of interfering in Philippine foreign policy.
  5. The Philippines foolishly evicted U.S. military forces in 1991 but never came up with a plan to defend the nation.  China never would have taken over the Spratlys and erected missile batteries there if the Americans had remained at Subic Bay.
  6. The Philippines dragged its feet and made it very difficult to even implement the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) to allow the U.S. to pre-position forces and supplies on Philippine territory, despite the ever-increasing threat of Chinese aggression.
  7. Duterte promptly abandoned the Philippine victory in the international tribunal over China’s South China Sea aggression, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

In the meantime, he’s concocted preposterous conspiracy theories and posed as a hyper-nationalist, all while bending over for the Panda while ridiculous toadies attempt to explain it all away.

Yapping Roque and Mocha eyes and Duterte

The Thug Way is Duterte’s only way

Duterte fatigues

Tough guys beat up on nuns and bend over for pandas.

An excellent and insightful opinion piece in Rappler nailed the “Duterte Way” of governance, which I’ll gently paraphrase here:

Step 1 is to throw a tantrum.

Step 2 is to spout paranoid delusions.

Step 3 is to overreact like a drama queen.


Step 4 is to put on a silly show of macho nonsense.


Step 5 is to sell out to crooks and cronies.

The piece is by Teddy Casino, and it’s refreshing to see him make clear and logical observations sans the usual dogmatic leftist claptrap that usually makes Bayan Muna types look like ridiculous cartoon caricatures of 1970s Communists.

The Boracay Scam is over-the-top in so many ways, especially the ridiculous show of police and military force.

There’s still no real plan to address the planning, management, and environmental problems on Boracay.

And, sadly and predictably, most news media are quickly losing interest, failing to probe below the surface, and will soon move on to the next round of outrage or dumbfuckery.

So nobody’s asking the obvious questions about how the abrupt closure can possibly be legal, why there’s any need for a stupid swimming ban, or what, exactly, the plan is for improved wastewater treatment.

And speaking of the ridiculous swimming ban — ridiculous because swimmers aren’t the ones polluting the water — some of the coverage we do see is lightweight and racist garbage like this stupid shit in PDI.

“Filipino tourists were not allowed to enter this island for six months, but some foreigners were seen swimming and frolicking on the beach,” PDI frets. “Why is this happening?”

“INQUIRER.net spotted foreigners at the resident-only swimming area,” PDI continues.

News flash:  It’s not only “Filipino tourists” who have been barred from Boracay.

And how can anyone “spot foreigners” — gasp — “swimming and frolicking” and determine that they are not only “foreigners,”  but also not Boracay residents.

You can’t.  Unless you’re making stupid assumptions based on uninformed preconceptions.

Because plenty of “foreigners” are residents of Boracay and have been for many years.
But some people seem to assume that closing Boracay to non-residents is the same thing as closing Boracay to non-Filipinos.
Because they’re shallow racists who are poorly supervised by a very shitty “newspaper.”
And they haven’t gotten around to asking more pertinent questions, such as “what’s the point of banning swimming except in one small area?” and “will any untreated wastewater still be dumped in the waters off Boracay after the island reopens?”
And, “how on earth can the abrupt closure of an entire island without a real plan in place possibly be constitutional?”

Fake news and dumbfuckery cloud Boracay Scam

No master plan

On April 9, The Thug admitted to GMA that there’s no master plan for addressing Boracay’s environmental woes.  That’s the problem.

No bridge in masterplan

But that didn’t stop GMA from reporting just two weeks later about what’s not included in the master plan, as if there were any master plan.  This is ridiculous.

GMA News has firmly established itself in the Department of Unclear on the Concept.

To wit:  There is no fucking master plan for addressing Boracay Island’s environmental problems.  That’s the problem.  They’re making this shit up as they go along.  And that’s no way to manage anything, especially an economic engine like Boracay, or to seriously improve infrastructure to protect the environment.

So reporting that some half-assed idea for a bridge is not included in the master plan is ridiculous, because there is no master plan in which the half-assed idea could be included.

But that didn’t stop GMA from “reporting” the garbled fake news that “Under the masterplan, the massive the road network is envisioned to have two lanes, drainage, gutters, sidewalks and a bike lane.”

If there is a master plan hiding out there somewhere, we’d all like to see it.

Gets mo?

Will Boracay Scam really address sewage woes?


Something smells like shit.

Now that The Thug has illegally restricted access to Boracay Island and begun the summary demolition of numerous structures to accommodate a big road-widening project, it really is time for somebody to explain how the island’s chronic sewage problems will be addressed.

After all, the increased dumping of raw sewage into the ocean just offshore is the big problem that has been repeatedly invoked as the reason the abrupt closure is supposedly necessary.

And make no mistake:  signing a bullshit proclamation after the fact does NOT make the closure suddenly legal.  Especially when the proclamation is open-ended and amounts to illegal rule-by-decree.

So what, exactly, is going to be done to fix the sewage problem.

A few superficial news reports that look an awful lot like regurgitated press releases have loosely alluded to plans to “upgrade” the island’s sewage system, but that could mean just about anything.

What, exactly, with the “upgrade” include?

Anything other than tearing down structures that aren’t legally connected to the sewage system, and widening the road to accommodate even more development?

Will any substantive wastewater treatment “upgrades” really be made?

Will anyone be held accountable for allowing so much illegal construction for so many years, and probably taking payoffs for all that time?

Will new land leases and titles be doled out to Thug pals?

Will the casino plan quietly resume when nobody’s looking?

It’s kind of amazing that media can pay so much superficial attention to an issue without informing people about what’s really going on.

Philippine media failed on Boracay Scam

Duterte fist 2

Enabling a petty tyrant.

Boracay Island is now illegally closed to non-residents, without even the pretext of a “state of calamity” declaration.

The closure is unconstitutional and illogical, and there’s no real plan to address the environmental concerns that The Thug invoked as an excuse for this flexing of dictatorial muscle.

And still, few in the non-toady media are questioning the legal basis for this unprecedented action — something they should have been very aggressive about from the start.

That’s a real shame, and speaks volumes about the superficial nature and short attention spans of most Philippine media.

Rappler has probably been the most aggressive in covering the Boracay Scam, but even that coverage has been sorely lacking and only began seriously questioning the legality of the closure very late in the game.

And when it did get around to examining the legal basis for the closure, the focus was on how it would impact media, rather than on the fundamental question of how the closure could possibly be legal at all.

Why does this matter?  Because the illegal closure of Boracay is a test of how much The Thug can get away with and who will stand up and question or challenge his actions and his motives.

There’s a lot more where this came from.

How will the highly politicized Supreme Court address this issue?  And how will media cover the court challenge?  So far, they’ve made very little effort at all.

And will media aggressively examine what, exactly, is accomplished during this closure, how people are impacted, and who ends up in control of property and businesses after the dust settles.

Because that’s what this is really about — control of property and wealth, along with the unbridled exercise of power.

The Thug is not even seriously talking about addressing the problem of untreated sewage dumping, which is what Boracay really needs.  The only “solution” appears to be to close down a bunch of businesses and widen the main road, rather than to establish appropriate wastewater treatment facilities for the island.

And if everybody just goes to sleep again and treats this scam as inevitable because The Thug said so, things are going to get a whole lot worse.

Showtime for Boracay Scam?

Duterte 2

King of the cesspool?

The illegal closure of Boracay Island is supposedly imminent, but The Thug still hasn’t gotten around to establishing a legal basis for the draconian move.

Or, we should say, the facade of a legal basis.

Because there’s just no way that this closure is legal.

The Thug has indicated that he will declare a “state of calamity,” and his spokes-toady said the declaration will reference a “state of natural calamity.”

Nose Roque shouting

“Just trust me!”

The truth, of course, is that this “calamity” is entirely of The Thug’s own making.

He even admitted as much back in March, when he cited the inevitable economic hardship that the closure will trigger as the basis for the “calamity” designation, and warned the courts not to “interfere.”

He doesn’t seem to understand, or give a shit, that the judiciary is a separate and co-equal branch of government.

Yes, Boracay has serious environmental problems.  No, they don’t amount to a “state of calamity” that would justify an abrupt and authoritarian closure of the entire island with very little advance notice.

Boracay’s environmental problems are not new, they did not suddenly become worse, and, most importantly, The Thug has no real plan to address them.

So far, the main plan for Boracay is a major road-widening project that will require the demolition of multiple structures.  Obviously, widening the road will simply facilitate additional traffic and growth.

What Boracay really needs is wastewater treatment and restrictions to additional development.

But that’s obviously not what this colossal scam is all about.

And the real reason he hasn’t issued any declaration to “justify” the illegal closure is that he fears a court would properly strike it down.


Punk-ass thug beats up on elderly nun

Duterte fist

He’s so tough that he orders his ignorant goons to harass elderly nuns.

Leave it to The Thug to pull a chickenshit stunt like ordering the harassment of an elderly Australian nun for the “crime” of criticizing his bloody “drug war” of premeditated summary slaughter.

And leave it to this petulant pussy to whine and act like HE’s the victim when the truth comes out.

And, of course, leave it to him to make the usual low-brow appeals to shallow nationalism to “justify” his bitch-ass whining.

“You do not have that right to criticize us,” he snivels.  “Do not insult my country.”

Because in his little mind, criticizing HIM and his illegal reign of terror is the same as insulting the country and is somehow against the law because, well, because he said so.

Because he’s an absolute fucking idiot.

A gang of unruly nuns should march down to Malacanang and slap the shit out of him with some yardsticks.

Boracay Scam is unconstitutional bullshit

Duterte fist 2

“I’m the boss of everything!  Even the Constitution!”

Finally, a few people are starting the question the legality of a dipshit president unilaterally declaring that an entire island will be closed to the public.

An interesting Rappler piece notes that restricting media access to Boracay during the closure very likely amounts to unconstitutional prior restraint.

But buried at the end of the piece is the real story:  The whole fucking closure is illegal!

The Rappler piece quotes a legal expert who notes that “the basis of the closure is only a public pronouncement by President Rodrigo Duterte. To date, Malacañang has not issued any formal memorandum or order.”

And everyone should really be questioning that, rather than treating this issue as a done deal and concentrating on the minutiae of how the closure will be implemented.

The administration needs to answer the obvious:  What is the legal basis for the abrupt closure of Boracay?

Yes, we’ve all heard the rationale that environmental threats need to be addressed, and there’s plenty of truth to that.

But the question remains:  What is the legal basis for selectively restricting access to the entire island in order to address the environmental concerns?

A state of calamity?  Environmental problems that have developed over many decades do not meet that definition, especially when nothing has suddenly changed.

And how can such a closure be valid when there is no clear plan for addressing the environmental concerns?

They’re obviously making this shit up as they go along to “justify” what amounts to the whim of a petty provincial tyrant stretching his dictatorial muscles.  It really makes you wonder what’s next.

Presidential spokes-toady Harry Roque, who fancies himself an expert on legal matters, really should be pressed for a clear explanation.

This whole thing is an outrageous fucking scam, and the toadies are running around in circles now to try to pull it off.


The Thug bends over for Chinese cash. For Filipino lives? Not so much.

Duterte 2

So sorry for some.

The murderous thug who heads the Philippine government was uncharacteristically contrite during his recent visit to Hong Kong, in which he profusely apologized on behalf of the nation for the bloody 2010 hostage crisis and police fuckup-extraordinaire, which resulted in the deaths of eight Hong Kongers and injuries to several others.  He even pledged that it would never happen again.

But when it comes to the ongoing mass slaughter and summary execution of thousands of Filipinos in his bloody “drug war,” The Thug has no apologies whatsoever and constantly incites more police mayhem-with-impunity.

Oh, the irony.

In fact, he’s so utterly callous when it comes to egregious violations of the human rights of the very citizens that he is sworn to uphold and represent, he’s gone even further off the deep end of dipshit dictator dumfuckery and threatened to arrest investigators from the International Criminal Court who may be looking into those sordid matters.

And, as usual, he attempts to wrap his stupidity in blustery macho theatrics and appeals to shallow nationalism.  And some people are so fucking stupid that they actually buy into it.  Others, of course, are just craven sipsips who would flush themselves down the toilet if he told them to.

So there you have it:  Chinese?  “Your lives are highly valued (along with your investments and payoffs).”  Filipinos?  “I don’t give a shit.”