So what, exactly, has been going on in Marawi?

Duterte fatigues

He likes to play dress-up.

Okay, so The Thug stopped by to play soldier boy for a photo op with a sniper rifle and act out his delusional macho fantasies a little more.

But what else has been going on?

How, exactly, did a group of terrorists who laid siege to the city manage to quietly disengage and evacuate from a stronghold in a major mosque, with dozens of hostages, no less?

And how did the Army know this had occurred, so that they could move in to the abandoned position and “liberate” it shortly before The Thug dropped by for his costume party?

This scenario is so utterly implausible that even the Despicable Shitrag is taking notice and indirectly suggesting that it’s all a ridiculous sham to create the illusion of progress and impending triumph while actually allowing the enemy to escape and regroup to launch the inevitable subsequent attack.

Haven’t we seen this charade played out on Mindanao for decades already?  Does anyone really buy this bullshit anymore?

Are we really going to allow this face-saving nonsense to continue now that the threat level has increased exponentially?

Are we really that fucking stupid?


Are Filipinos snapping out of their star-struck hypnosis?

Cayetano bows down

Is the cult of murder and masochism starting to wobble?

The Filipino penchant for fads, celebrity worship, superficial popularity, and fickle allegiance has been noted and commented on by cultural observers and critics for a long, long time.

The innate yearning to belong, to be part of a popular group, to be on the winning team, to feel welcomed and protected, or even powerful.  Or at least to not be shunned.  And to kiss the ass of the powerful in hopes of gaining entrance to their sphere of influence.

The Thug, and others before him, opportunistically tapped into that reservoir of emotion to take advantage of those societal traits and make overlooked and alienated people feel like they were part of something bigger than themselves.

But now, finally, the alarm clock seems to be ringing.

So how many more bodies will drop before the nation truly rejects the simplistic and empty politics of jingoism, demagoguery, mass murder, impunity, and illusion?

And how long will it take to live down the shame of complicity?

Aussie Spy Chief Punches Himself in the Nuts

Spy chief

What a dumbshit.

Anyone paying even scant attention knows the annoying but ubiquitous “fist pump” gesture is the quasi-fascist salute of this criminal regime of bloodthirsty twits.

You’d really expect the leader of Australia’s international spy agency to be aware of it and how utterly appropriate it would be for a representative of Australia’s government to cluelessly join The Thug for a fist-clenched photo-op.

Predictably, and justifiably, Australian Secret Intelligence Service Director General Nick Warner is now catching an international ration of shit for his clumsy gaffe.

Let’s just hope that some good comes out of this:  That people fully recognize that the clenched fist salute is meant to be a threatening propaganda vehicle of incitement to violence and non-questioning group-think support for an aspiring fascist who’s directly responsible for an epic national tragedy.

Duterte fist 2  Hitler

We’ve always thought The Thug and his minions look like fucking idiots making that gesture, and that many of them are simply acting out their warped fantasies and signalling their yearning to be sexually dominated via fisting.

Mocha fist

And in other news, The Thug made a brief propaganda pit-stop in Marawi to divert attention from the Senate hearing on his fake “drug war” and its assassinations of Filipino children.  And the siege drags on.

Meanwhile, The Thug’s tone-deaf rump-sucking “Justice” Secretary is acting so callous about the whole thing that even the stooges at the Palace are distancing themselves from his egregiously insensitive stupidity.




Are people FINALLY starting to wake up and see this fraudulent ‘drug war’ for what it really is?

Duterte fist

Are you really proud of this stupid fucking cartoon dictator wannabe?  Is your self-esteem really that abysmal?  Are you prepared to be a slave?  Are you that stupid?

It’s been downright appalling to watch so many people allow themselves to become captivated by the cheap demagoguery, vicious rhetoric, celebrity bullshit, and dumbfuck theatrics of The Thug and his toady regime.

And it’s been sickening to consider how much criminal complicity and cowardice has been required for so many police officers to engage in or enable the rampant slaughter that has been committed in the name of this phony “drug war.”

Are the cowards and quislings in Congress finally starting to see clearly,  or are they at least starting to feel a little uneasy about how history — and their constituents — will judge their spineless abdications of responsibility?

And if the people who haven’t woken up really don’t care about any of the victims of this bloodbath, perhaps they are self-centered and vain enough to begin to realize that this shit has seriously damaged the nation’s international reputation and made Filipinos in general look like a bunch of ignorant, blood-thirsty animals and ass-licking cowards.

What a god-damned disgrace.  And an enormous human tragedy.

Wake the fuck up already!


Twisted thug makes sick joke over Aquino’s grave

Duterte Marcos

Birds of a feather make deranged propaganda together.

After sneaking a despised and discredited dictator into the national heroes’ cemetery and launching his own bloodbath of illegal state-sponsored executions, The Thug had the unmitigated gall to invoke the spirit of murdered democracy icon Benigno Aquino Jr. — on the anniversary of his assassination, no less — to shamelessly pimp his own twisted reign of megalomaniac power abuse.

Epic hypocrisy.  That’s the only reasonable way to interpret The Thug’s sickly self-serving statement on the 34th anniversary of “Ninoy’s” murder.

“History is witness to how Ninoy’s work as a journalist and a politician drove him to effect positive and meaningful changes in our society. Throughout, he fought for what is right and just,” The Thug said in the canned statement.

Never mind that The Thug has excoriated and threatened journalists and even the media outlets they work for, while Aquino made a political career of railing against the very type of government, police, and military abuses that The Thug incites, cheers, and gloats about.

“Up until the very end of his life, he inspired a peaceful revolution that resulted to [sic] the liberties we enjoy today. Even at a time when hope was lost, he remained steadfast in his struggle to retire [sic] democracy through non violent means,” The Thug continued in the version published by the Despicable Shitrag.

Yeah, never mind that “the liberties we enjoy today” are under constant threat by this dipshit president, who deems it perfectly acceptable, even highly desirable, to summarily murder thousands of Filipinos who have not even been accused, much less convicted, of crimes.  And then there’s that whole martial law thingy….

Invoking Aquino’s professed adherence to the principle of non-violence while The Thug simultaneously glories in his orgy of ruthless and unprincipled murder is just plain sick.

We can only assume that his reference to the struggle to “retire” democracy was an epic Freudian slip.

What a fucking idiot.

‘PROUD TO BE YOUR BITCH’ Toady press croaks about toadyism award

About the only thing more ridiculous than The Manila Times’ laughably uncritical routine parroting of pretty much everything ever uttered by the “Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption” is that despicable shitrag’s shameless crowing about the VACC bestowing upon it an award for that constant craven sipsip-ing.

The VACC is really nothing but a group of self-serving special interests that invoke opposition to criminality to uncritically cheer-lead for The Thug and urge a quicker goose-step toward national fascism while thousands of state-sanctioned murders are committed all around it.

It certainly is no credible or dispassionate judge of quality journalism.  Obviously.

And The Shitrag is really nothing but a mouthpiece of special interests seeking to curry favor with a wacky and dangerous authoritarian regime and exploit the financial opportunities they see coming their way, and is an absolute perversion of the standards and institution of journalism.

Its present owners have forever besmirched the once-proud legacy of The Times.

And they’re proud of it.

Golden toad

Is this fool out of his fucking mind?

Duterte fist

More vile threats from the Thug and his fisting cult.

Just when you thought The Thug probably couldn’t say or do anything more stupid than he’s already said or done, he pops off with a threat to kill human rights advocates.

So presiding over a reign of mass murder isn’t enough, it seems.

No, mere criticism of the reign of mass murder is now “justification” for even more mass murder.

This is one sick puppy.

But the most pathetic thing is that some ignorant victims of low self-esteem still think he’s the nation’s savior.

This is nothing less than a national tragedy.


Does anyone really believe Ozamiz Massacre WASN’T an obvious rubout?

Duterte 2

“Who me, direct or condone blatant assassinations by police?”

Is this yet another of the many instances in which everyone pretty much knows the truth of the matter but some just play along and act as if they actually believe claims that are ridiculously implausible but which allow certain parties to avoid taking any responsibility while attention spans wane and are inevitably distracted by a fresh tragedy or outrage?

Coordinated police raids in two separate locations just happen to result in the killings of 15 people, some of whom were allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, including the Ozamiz City mayor.

Somehow, virtually every non-police officer at each scene was shot to death while no police officers where killed.

Does that seem even remotely plausible?

And let’s be clear.  The question of whether any of these people were involved in illegal drugs doesn’t really matter here.  What matters is the question of whether the police killings were justified.

If the victims were involved in illegal drugs, they should have been arrested, charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned upon conviction.  The mere allegation of illegal conduct simply does not authorize police to summarily execute anyone.  Ever.

We’ll be looking forward to a credible investigation by the PNP Internal Affairs Service and others.  And credible follow-up on those investigations.  But we won’t be holding our breath.

Why?  Because the blatant police assassination of another mayor in a jail cell, and the killings of thousands of other alleged drug suspects throughout the nation, have not resulted in any credible investigations, much less any action.

And the whitewashing of other outrages that seem to have been swiftly forgotten demonstrates clearly that the police are acting with impunity as extortionists and enforcers of a criminal mafia regime.


PH ‘newspapers’ flunk basic integrity

Blatantly one-sided stories planted in news sections.  Comical refusals to acknowledge massive elephants in the room.  Abusive attack-dog “columnists” on destructive missions.  Half-assed “reporting” that relies on he-said, she-said claims for basic facts that should be independently confirmed.

The chronic failings of some of the nation’s largest media outlets are so routine, enormous, obvious, and shameless.  And they’re coming into clear focus once again because of the squabble over the lucrative Makati property known as “Mile Long.”

You know the basic story:  The property is owned by the government and leased by Sunvar Realty Development Corporation, which is in turn owned by the families who also own the majority stake in the Philippine Daily Inquirer — sadly the nation’s largest-circulation newspaper — which they are in the process of selling out, perhaps under government pressure, to a big supporter of The Thug in Chief.

There’s a long-running legal dispute over the property, and the Sunvar-Inquirer clan has retained possession while appealing an adverse court ruling.

The Thug’s legal mouthpiece let loose a broadside the other day, accusing Sunvar of illegally “squatting” on publicly owned land, which the accused have denied.

Which party should ultimately prevail in the court case is anyone’s guess, but that’s not the subject of this polemic.

The subject is the pathetic lack of journalistic integrity.

The Inquirer initially ignored the Solicitor General’s broadside, then published a completely one-sided article trumpeting Sunvar’s (that is, the Inquirer majority owners’) argument refuting the “squatting” claim.

The one-sided aspect was bad enough, but the Inquirer story never even mentioned who owns Sunvar, or that it was even connected in any way to the newspaper that was publishing the one-sided missive.

That’s such an obvious failure of basic journalism ethics.  And it’s a really stupid one, too, since Sunvar’s ownership is no secret to the portion of the audience that’s paying enough attention to even want to read about the dispute.

So why omit such key facts?

Would it really have been so hard to include a simple acknowledgment of the obvious conflict of interest here, by simply stating that “Sunvar is owned by members of the Prieto and Rufino families, who are the majority owners of the Inquirer and have recently announced their intention to sell their shares in the newspaper”?

And the Despicable Shitrag is just as bad, publishing a completely one-sided second attack by The Thug’s solicitor general that threatens an imminent court ruling against Sunvar, and also omitted any mention of the Inquirer ties.

And the Shitrag’s attack-dog propagandist, shameless sleazebag scribbler Rigoberto Tiglao, stoops about as low as possible by attempting to link this financial dispute to support for rebuilding Marawi after it is finally brought back under government control following the badly bungled ongoing military siege there.

It should be noted that the Inquirer is Tiglao’s former employer, and is an obvious major competitor to his current employer.  He’s such a creepy piece of shit.  Not even worth commenting on further.

The Star at least published a reasonably balanced story which acknowledged that “Sunvar is owned by the Prieto-Rufino clan, which controlled the Philippine Daily Inquirer that has been perceived to be critical of President Duterte and his administration.”  But the Star just drops the subject there, and omits any mention that the clan’s sale of its Inquirer stock may be the result of government pressure over the Mile Long dispute.

This whole thing is such a cornucopia of sleaze.

Frankly, if the Inquirer clan gets its ass kicked, they completely deserve it.  They have badly abused their position of public trust for a long, long time.

That said, nobody should have any illusions that the Despicable Shitrag or The Thug are any better, or that any of these parties have the nation’s best interests in mind here.

This is strictly another personal feud among the shameless squabbling elites that have wrecked the Philippines for so long and sucked it dry for their own selfish benefit.