Manila Times: Cornucopia of farcical toadyism

It’s turned into a veritable toad-fest over at the Despicable Shitrag, with scribbling amphibians fairly hopping over each other to angle their groveling snouts closer to The Thug’s putrescent posterior.

Wheedling bottom-feeder Yen Makabenta has been croaking loudly for a Golden Toady Award nomination for quite some time, so Manila Pagpag feels compelled to add him to the slimy catalog of shame.


Makabenta  As but a tiny brown-nosed toad many, many moons ago, a time and place where his small mind remains stuck in tedious faux nationalist muck and toadyism.

But this action was taken quite reluctantly, as his most recent attack on the New York Times for publicly objecting to The Thug’s fascist campaign of “drug war” slaughter was so preposterous and feeble that we almost gave him a pass.  Nobody with a shred of sense would take his hoary and pompous bullshit seriously, so it almost hurts to draw any attention to it.

That being said, his attempt to paint the Times as a “graveyard of serious journalism” was quite a hoot, given the decidedly low caliber of the craven rent-a-rag that publishes his insipid toad droppings.

He wriggled his way incoherently from a movie about Chicago to a discussion of New York journalism’s role in clamoring for the Spanish-American War, famously linked to the sensationalist circulation war between William Hearst’s New York Journal and Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, of course, rather than the Times.

That’s all very ironic, since the Despicable Shitrag Manila Times seems so hell-bent on emulating the very worst of nineteenth century American yellow journalism rather than producing anything within cannon range of the far outskirts of credibility.

But we digress.

Makabenta invokes the sending of American Admiral George Dewey and something called the “Aquatic Fleet” to Manila Bay, where the Americans decimated the decrepit Spanish barnacle barges.

He must have been attempting to reference the Asiatic Fleet.  Obviously, he is a toad out of water when it comes to accurate nautical nomenclature, and his editors are no better.

Makabenta then wriggles his way along the putrid gutters of the very, very, VERY old and decayed faux nationalist trope of invoking all that the dastardly Americans were ever accused of doing more than a century ago in the Philippines, and attempting to link that directly with something that some American is doing today that some Filipino special interest is unhappy with.

Pardon the graphic imagery, but that old hag is so old she farts dust.  Really.  She was creaking old back in the 1950s, and is positively decrepit at this point.

And, of course, he never mentions, and seems to be in denial of, the obvious fact that the very organ that publishes his meandering crap is a direct legacy of those Yankee imperialist days of yore, albeit even less credible now — and far less influential.

Manila Times.JPGShouldn’t the name now be changed to “Manila Toads” so as to disassociate from the Yankee imperial past and better reflect present reality?

But he then attempts to mount the imaginary high horse of pseudo-nationalist rhetoric, as so many who were so much better skilled at it have done so many, many, MANY times in the past, and kicks the staggering old beast for yet another trot through the latrine field of jingoistic insincerity.

“The Philippines,” he thunders, purporting to guide the emotions of an entire nation, “should answer the accusatory journalism of NYT by denouncing its journalism as propaganda by a media organization as a tool for a political group fighting the Duterte government.”

Oh, Yen.  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye.

Matthew 7:3.

Or, as it has been translated into more modern English, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but don’t consider the beam that is in your own eye.”

Or, put into even MORE modern and colloquial English that even a Dutertoad should be able to understand:  “Take your head out of your ass, you ignorant fucking journo-slut.”

For the beam that we’re talking about here is the mass murder of thousands of Filipinos by the Philippine government and its agents.

Tired old toady Makabenta never gets around to even politely frowning upon THAT little matter.

And of course, right on cue, he inevitably adopts the same old tired and all-too-predictable victim posture, whining that the big, bad, New York Times is “bullying foreign countries that cannot fight back.”  Obviously, he regards his audience as being too fucking stupid to recognize the depraved hypocrisy of complaining about media “bullies” while trying his piddly damnedest to be a bully himself while totally ignoring the very real bullying slaughter that the “bully” NYT had the moral and testicular fortitude to criticize.

Dredging up the American colonial past and playing the “nationalist” victim card against international condemnation of the Philippine government’s barbarous present is just so pathetically unimaginative and old hat that it’s downright excruciating.

And Makabenta is such a miserable hack toady that he doesn’t even come close to pulling it off, despite having so many decades of the same old shit from which to crib inspiration.

So his nomination for the Golden Toady is indeed something of a charity case.

Golden toad





Dummy and dumber


In dim-witted response to the discovery of a totally illegal secret jail hidden inside a Tondo police station and crammed with prisoners who had never been formally processed and logged, the nation’s top police officer actually defended the cops and lashed out at the Commission on Human Rights for having the nerve to carry out its duty and shine a bright light on indefensible scandals like the filthy Black Hole of Manila.

“Ano ang motibo niyo sa pag inspect sa panahon ng ASEAN (summit)?” he whined, as if the communication to the International Criminal Court just days ago alleging widespread crimes against humanity in the name of The Thug’s “drug war” — and the growing domestic and international outrage provoked by those claims and The Thug’s vomitous reaction — did not provide a sound rationale for the Commission to step up and crack down.

Now, few people have ever accused Philippine National Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa of being a genius, but he did seem to be just a little bit sharper than that.

And this is the guy who The Thug said he would have “look into” the appalling scandal.

The real question now is how many additional secret detention facilities are hidden throughout the archipelago — and what, exactly, they are used for.

The toads just keep on croaking.

The latest brown-nosed amphibian to nominate himself for Manila Pagpag’s Golden Toady Award is none other than “Justice” Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.

Aguirre.jpeg  Hear no evil, see no evil, but just keep croaking.

You know him:  the guy who’s done absolutely nothing credible to condemn, stop, or even investigate the mass murder that is fast turning the Philippines into a pariah state.

In fact, he’s even so utterly tone-deaf as to declare it “amusing” that he was named in the communication filed before the International Criminal Court to seek an investigation into alleged government orchestration and complicity in the slaughter.

This is no laughing matter, and his response is just incredibly fucking stupid.

And not even the most blind and obsequious bum-fluffers of this absurd criminal regime would buy into Aguirre’s stupid attempt at rationalization:  “These destabilizers do not want the Filipino people to have a drug-free future.”

Right.  Everyone who criticizes or questions the mass illegal slaughter of people who have not been formally accused of a crime is somehow in favor of drug abuse and against the Filipino people.

That’s so fucking stupid.

Once again, for the slow kids in the class:

Section 1, Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution provides that “(n)o person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the law.”

The nation’s Justice Secretary might want to acquaint himself with that document rather than keep dicking around.

But that’s what craven toadies do: joke, obfuscate, and attempt to shrug it all off while their boss continues to undermine himself with indefensible stupidity until he is a stark naked emperor of ignorance.

Just keep on laughing.

Golden toad


An asshole unstopped

Duterte  My butt hurts!


One thing about sputtering junkies is that they don’t tend to make much sense.

“Stop publishing.”  “Asshole.”

Yes, that’s the most coherent thing The Thug had to say about the scathing New York Times editorial calling on the world to condemn him for his reign of murder.


But that’s not surprising, since he is widely believed to ultimately be personally responsible for this wave of murder under color of state authority.

And let’s make no mistakes.  The vast majority of these killings are cold-blooded murders and not “shoot-outs” between desperate criminals and heroic police.

And most of the victims seem to be skinny, cringing, dirt-poor, pathetic druggies, rather than the wealthy and powerful drug lords that the myths peddled by this thug regime have attempted to perpetuate.

Meanwhile, the plot continues to thicken with the discovery of a secret police detention facility in Tondo that is patently illegal on its face.

The question now is whether anyone will actually be held accountable for this blatant criminal activity by authorities.

Required reading

Speaking of the New York Times, Miguel Syjuco had a brilliant opinion piece in the April 26 edition, entitled “The Injustice System.”

He eloquently makes the point that the popularity of President Duterte’s ruthless approach to addressing crime is rooted in the widespread failure of the overwhelmed criminal justice system.  It’s not a new or particularly insightful observation, but he explains it very well:  “Our criminal justice system has never been able to properly exonerate the innocent and punish the guilty.  No wonder so many voters put their faith in Mr. Duterte’s vow to root out crime in his first six months as president.”

But, once again, too many people put their faith in a false messiah to magically solve intractable problems overnight.  We’ve all seen this movie before, folks.  It never ends well.

Inevitably, the Duterte version has become a horror show, and the “war on drugs” has become just another war against the poor.

As Syjuco puts it:  “The poor, who’ve always known justice least, now bear injustice the most.”

It’s definitely worth reading and thinking about.

The next Golden Toady?

Tiglao.jpg Would you like to use mine, boss?


Nominations for Manila Pagpag’s apparently coveted Golden Toady Awards are coming in fast and furious.

The latest entry — and it’s a strong one — is Despicable Shitrag propagandist Rigoberto D. Tiglao, a former underground Communist-turned business journalist-turned government mouthpiece and patronage diplomat-turned crude propagandist and pseudo-fascist regime toady.  Obviously, he’s changed his stripes a few times as opportunities presented themselves.

His latest butt-smooching missive not only fails to make persuasive arguments, but also flat-out lies.

He claims that the New York Times “has portrayed our country as one where thousands of corpses of the innocent litter our streets . . .”

That’s false, of course, as the Times never made any claims about the thousands of victims being “innocent.”  And in fact, many of them are probably quite guilty of mostly petty drug offenses.

For some reason, Tiglao won’t allow himself to comprehend that murders of thousands of people who haven’t been found guilty of any crime is a much larger crime.  But that’s what toady propagandists do:  ignore, spin, attempt to confuse, defend the indefensible, and hope to create enough confusion or enough reinforcement of preconceived beliefs to be effective.

Tiglao claims that the editorial “cheered the International Criminal Court to convict Duterte for ‘mass murder’.”   That’s false too.  The editorial simply called for the International Criminal Court to initiate a preliminary investigation.

That’s what credible justice systems do:  investigate, weigh evidence, and determine whether the evidence proves guilt.

The Times editorial also noted that The Thug has cheered the mass murders and compared himself to Hitler.  Obviously, this is a man who must be stopped.  It doesn’t take a genius or a court’s conviction to arrive at that logical conclusion.

Notice that Tiglao slips in various appeals to emotional nationalism and post-colonial sensitivities as well:  “let the Filipinos condemn,” “American paper,” “our country,” “when it comes to the Philippines,” “against our country,” “do a patriotic act and write the NYT letters of complaint,” “not allow biased reportage to slur our country,” etc.

Obviously, he’s cynically attempting to equate well-founded criticism of illegal state-sponsored executions of the poor with criticism of the nation itself and Filipinos as a whole.

It’s a deliberately deceitful attempt to incite nationalist emotions for purely political ends — in this case, to deflect attention from the underlying truth of thousands of murders and a wobbly presidency.  All to eagerly prostrate himself before an unhinged buffoon whose putrid old ass Tiglao hungers to suckle.

The “best” he can argue is that the Times wrote that the complaint to the ICC alleged 9,400 murders, when it actually alleged “more than 8,000.”  That’s so pathetically weak and lame.

And, of course, Tiglao never deigns to even hint that the murders should perhaps be stopped, whatever their true number may be.

What an absolute fucking disgrace by a worthless piece of shit who should know better.

Tiglao is a goddamned liar, as well as a craven opportunist and shameless lackey.

Alas, he still has plenty of competition for the Golden Toady.

Golden toad


Is The Thug now cornered?

The Toady Brigade, and a few more objective analysts, have described the claim filed against The Thug at the International Criminal Court as “premature,” since Philippine legal remedies have not yet been exhausted.

But the claim could still have a major impact.

Besides helping to draw the eyes of the world to the illegal slaughter of thousands of Filipinos by police and their proxies, the ICC claim could create strong pressure to force stalled impeachment proceedings against The Thug to move forward.

And if impeachment remains blocked by toady politics, that unwillingness to address such serious allegations could provide a solid rationale for the ICC to move forward with its own investigation.

That, in a nutshell, is the analysis of an April 25 opinion piece in the Washington Post, penned by Manuel Quezon III.

It should be noted that he was a paid mouthpiece of the ancien régime of then-President Benigno Aquino III, so take that for what it’s worth.

That being said, it sure does seem that the ICC claim has turned the fight against mass murder in the Philippines into a whole new ballgame.

Golden Toady update:

Golden toad.jpg

Nominations for the Golden Toady Award continue to present themselves.

Panelo.jpeg  He sure looks the part

The latest contestant is Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, who exhibited his lickspittle prowess — and poor command of the English language — by croaking the following:

“No findings have been made by any of the investigating body [sic] that conducted probe [sic] on [sic] the alleged extrajudicial killings, in fact, there is a finding by the Philippine Senate that the so-called extrajudicial killing  are [sic] not state-sponsored or state-initiated,” he said. “Therefore there is no basis in fact and [sic] in law in the editorial of the New York Times.”

Well, the basis in fact would appear to be that thousands of Filipinos have been illegally slaughtered while The Thug jokes, cheers, and threatens like a fucking moron.
Further basis is the fact that a claim was indeed filed with the ICC.  The Times has called for a preliminary investigation, duly noting that the basis could hinge on the manner in which the pending impeachment complaint is addressed.

Those are pretty solid bases of law and of fact.

The unwillingness of the toadies to even express a shred of concern about the ongoing mass murders, without necessarily implicating the murderers, is an astounding and shameful abdication of basic humanity.

Will ‘Tuta’ Sotto ‘win’ the Golden Toady?

Sotto.jpeg    Moi?                                                           

Some reactions to the claims filed against The Thug at the International Criminal Court have provided excellent examples of the kind of shameless and spineless toadyism that surrounds this criminal regime.

So rather than simply cringe and fume at these stellar illustrations of obsequious sipsip-ery, Manila Pagpag is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the Golden Toady Award, to be bestowed upon the craven stooge who best represents the disgusting bevy of boot-licking groupies who are so eager to betray the nation and its people.

Golden toad

The first nomination goes to Senate Majority Leader Victor “Tito” Sotto III, for scoffing that allegations that The Thug is responsible for crimes against humanity mean that “Humanity will now be defined as drug pushers fighting back against police [operations].”

This former comedian and current bozo, who has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, doesn’t seem to realize that “humanity” does indeed include “drug pushers,” but more importantly it also includes all the other people, including many mere alleged drug users or witnesses, who were not actually accused of crimes but were nevertheless murdered, allegedly by government “security” forces or their proxies.

The Constitution applies to everyone, you fucking idiot.  That’s what makes it a Constitution — the very cornerstone of a democracy.

Section 1, Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution provides that “(n)o person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the law.”

It’s really not that hard to understand.

It’s also quite telling that Sotto had nothing else to say about the thousands of murders themselves, but chose only to expound upon the political motivations he sees lurking behind the allegations:

“Obvious! The enemies of the President are so despondent about his foreign relations successes in the ASEAN,” Sotto said in a message on Tuesday, according to Rappler.

“He is so admired in the ASEAN region that they are trying to smear his image.  The reason is because ASEAN leaders are also against illegal drugs while [the] EU (European Union) leaders are not.  Just like his detractors,” he added.

First of all, that’s a boatload of unmitigated bullshit.

The Thug’s “successes” in foreign relations have flip-flopped all over the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea and are making quite a few ASEAN allies very, very queasy, with the notable exception of Cambodia, a gangster state and vassal of China that The Thug seems intent on emulating.

Secondly, Sotto’s statement obviously makes no sense.  If The Thug is so admired for foreign policy “successes,” why would allegations regarding internal crimes be an effective “smear?”  It is likely that the ICC claim is meant to embarrass The Thug, and draw attention to the ongoing slaughter, but not because anybody is “jealous” of his “successes.”

Thirdly, the simplistic claim that European Union leaders and political “detractors” are “not against illegal drugs,” unlike ASEAN leaders, is just stupid.   Nothing more need be said about that one.

So, for ignoring thousands of murders and abdicating his responsibilities to the rule of law he has been duly sworn to uphold, and for instead rushing to polish The Thug’s bunghole with his nose, Senate Majority Leader Victor Sotto III is hereby nominated for a Golden Toady.

In the meantime, he might wish to change his nickname from “Tito” to “Tuta.”


‘This is a man who must be stopped’

“Let the world condemn Duterte.”

That’s the headline over a new editorial in the New York Times.

The paper-of-record urges the International Criminal Court to launch a preliminary investigation into the mass murder that has unquestionably taken place in the Philippines with President Duterte’s clear blessing — and perhaps at his direction.

Yes, this issue was brought to a head by the complaint filed by attorney Jude Sabio, and yes, the timing of that complaint was likely meant to embarrass The Thug as he hosts an ASEAN meeting of regional leaders in Manila.

But none of that matters.

If there were no murders, there would be no complaint, and no embarrassment.

The Palace Toadies who are attempting to dismiss the complaint as a publicity stunt, “smear campaign,” and “black propaganda” just don’t get it.

It’s a typical mentality of toadies:  “Criticism of the powerful must be politically motivated.  Therefore, the criticism must be baseless.  Facts don’t matter.”

The reason toadies have such a hard time coming to grips with serious and valid criticism of their benefactor is that they themselves are devoid of principle and thus act only out of obsequiousness in order to bolster their positions as reliable toadies.

They just can’t imagine that anyone in this world might by more interesting in the underlying facts of the matter than the politics that surround it.

And in this situation, the facts are clear:  Thousands of people have been murdered.  A growing mountain of evidence points to police involvement and acquiescence — and to high-level official command and control.

The Thug’s frequent idiotic public statements have also directly implicated him, obviously.

Reactionaries may argue that many of those who were murdered were involved in criminal activities.  And they may be correct.

But it simply does not follow that a person who was allegedly involved in criminal activity is fair game for “security” forces — or those working at their behest or with their approval — to liquidate at whim and with impunity.

Illegal drug use is a crime.  Murdering an illegal drug user under color of state authority is a far greater crime.

And orchestrating the mass murder of thousands of people merely alleged to be involved in illegal drug activity is a clear crime against humanity.

It’s also certainly worth noting that the vast majority of those murdered have been dirt-poor slum dwellers and petty addicts and dealers  — hardly the “drug lords” of The Thug’s imagination.

Much has been said about the ICC’s jurisdiction being complimentary.   That is, the ICC is meant to compliment, rather than replace, a nation’s justice system, and is only expected to act when that justice system fails.

But what’s less clear is the extent to which all conceivable options must first be exhausted regarding a nation’s justice system before the ICC may act.

What is clear is that police “investigations” of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines have simply not been credible.  Nor is The Thug’s commitment to the rule of law.

The nation is now on a very slippery slope, and promises of growing security and pending prosperity may soon come crashing down around a grotesque naked emperor of illusions.

Finally, the shit hits the fan

A credible complaint has been filed with the International Criminal Court regarding the wave of mass murder proudly orchestrated by the Thug-in-Chief.

Even if this complaint drags on forever and goes nowhere, the damage is done.

This criminal regime is being exposed around the world.

Meanwhile, The Thug keeps up his theatrical performances and pseudo-macho bluster, proudly insisting that he can be more brutal than terrorists.

At some point, he may realize that his audience consists of more than the impressionable bakya crowd he has made a career of regaling and intimidating — and murdering.

And the palace toadies feebly attempt to explain it all away.

Chief apologist Ernesto Abella is probably correct that the timing of the ICC complaint was meant to embarrass the administration while it hosts the ASEAN meeting of regional leaders this week.

But that, of course, does not negate the underlying claim of the complaint itself — that The Thug is orchestrating mass murder and presiding over a criminal regime that has heaped infinite shame upon a nation that can do so much better.

But despicable self-styled “human rights activists” not only sit on their thumbs while the bodies drop, but eagerly join the toady brigade as the Thug-State steamrolls toward fascism and ruin.

So shamefully intent on joining the ranks of international pariahs.

A nation dishonored by thugs and toadies

It’s obvious that the Manila Times is now a despicable shitrag and propaganda organ of a criminal regime and aligned special interests.

But sometimes it seems that the stable of ridiculous toadies “working” there actually strive to outperform each other in boot-licking nonsense.

Case in point:  Low-rent sipsip Antonio P. Contreras attempts to turn the tables on the fiasco of UP regents proposing to bestow an honorary law degree on the Thug-in-Chief despite his blatant and oft-professed disdain for Constitutional protections and the rule of law.

Contreras actually had the unmitigated gall to attempt to paint well-founded dissent and criticism of the regents’ foolish misstep as dishonoring the university.

His logic is so twisted that it would be laughable if it weren’t so devious and ill-intended.

UP, he writes, “is a place where academic freedom turns it into a refuge for the blasphemer and the heretic, and where the full spectrum of political ideologies is theorized and taught.”

But that freedom ends when individuals exercise their rights of free speech to criticize the president and the foolish regents:  “I am offended when people from UP behave as if it is the final arbiter of truth, a guardian of morality, and a propagator of a singular and homogenizing set of values that can only be done through the policing of acceptable conduct,” he sniffs.

And then he promptly proceeds to attempt to police acceptable conduct.

Never mind that it was the regents who were taking official action on behalf of the state-sponsored university, and the critics were merely speaking as individuals and are in no position to take official action.

So as long as “people from UP behave” as craven toadies like him and don’t dare to criticize those who are in positions of authority and hold the reins of the state-sponsored and taxpayer-supported institution, not to mention the state-sponsored killing machine, then everything’s fine.

Contreras whines that the critics argue that in “giving honor to a man who challenges basic human decency, discourages public dissent, promotes a culture of impunity, and lauds extra-judicial killings, UP has taken a major step backward in upholding honor and excellence.”  He professes to fail to see any support for that reasonable stance, despite The Thug’s constant public statements in support of extrajudicial killings and total indifference to the thousands of bodies that have hit the floor since he took office.

No, those concerns for human rights and the rampant abuse of authority and state power “remain as accusations that need to be proven by empirical data or logical reasoning,” despite The Thug’s gloating and crowing.

He even fusses that the critics’ rebuke “push[es] UP to become part of the lynch mob that condemns before verified proof is presented . . .”

Yes, he actually invoked the specter of a lynch mob to demonize people who are critical of actual state-sanctioned mass murder of thousands of people, many of whom were not even formally accused, much less convicted, of a crime, all with The Thug’s repeated public blessings.

And Contreras just keeps digging his shit-hole deeper.

“The allegations that the President lauds extra-judicial killings and is promoting a culture of impunity has yet to be substantiated by empirical proof that is not corrupted by political partisanship but is produced from unassailable data and evidence.”

In other words, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Just because The Thug constantly and publicly lauds extrajudicial killings doesn’t mean that he lauds extrajudicial killings.  Empirical proof is needed to show that he publicly lauds extrajudicial killings.  Until then, let’s just ignore the thousands of extrajudicial killings he publicly lauds.

What a boatload of Orwellian nonsense.

What appalling toadyism.

It’s really hard to think of anything that could be more disgraceful to truth, freedom of speech, justice, human rights, and the nation’s future.

But it’s quite clear who is really dishonoring the University of the Philippines — and the nation.

What the fuck were they thinking?!

The UP Board of Regents makes an outrageous blunder by offering an honorary law degree to a criminal president who scoffs at constitutional protections and international human rights while grotesquely cheer-leading for mass murder.

The Thug-in-Chief sought to end the inevitable shit-storm by petulantly sniffing that he didn’t want the degree anyway.

And now everybody’s running from the mess they created.

So typical.



News to confuse

Court proceedings regarding the police murder of a Korean businessman are getting off to a confused start.

Plans to build a Manila subway system are touted.  Now if they could just manage to fix the Bicol Express and actually keep it running for a while.

Duterte talks tough about crushing extremist rebels and bandits on Jolo.

Meanwhile, his popularity is sinking as people finally wake up to his crude charades.

And travelers are cancelling their trips amid the chaos.