Does Mocha fake orgasms too?

Okay, we really don’t care about her overexposed sex life.

But we do care about a government official posting misleading photographs and propaganda, especially regarding topics as sensitive and demanding of truth as armed conflict and martial law.

And we care about her supervisors shirking responsibility and hiding like cornered rats.

What makes it worse is that Mocha has been very, very critical of the veracity of reporting by other media while comporting herself as a shallow, unquestioning groupie of her “Tatay Digong.”

It’s an old, old adage that the first casualty of war is truth.

The ongoing siege of Marawi City was a military debacle from the start, and it has led to the suspension of civil liberties for everyone on Mindanao.  The terrorist target of the initial operation has not been apprehended, and his extremist minions have seized hostages.

Surely, this situation demands truth and accountability.

So far, we have seen very little of either from this disgraceful regime and its shameless toadies.

Mocha and Thug


Now, the U.S. is REALLY failing the Philippines

trump kiss

Trump blows the Philippines the kiss of death

It’s a major cliche, and it’s plenty annoying.  The Philippines has a long, long history of screwing things up and then petulantly blaming the United States.

This over-played card is rooted in the colonial experience, of course.  Plenty of Philippine politicians made names for themselves by bitterly criticizing American imperial rule during the early twentieth century.  A few of them were even sincere.

But since then, the old blame-the-colonial-father-figure act has become routine, often laughably childish, and nearly always hypocritical and insincere.

Case in point:  Now-disgraced former Foreign Secretary (and former closet American) Perfecto Yasay’s blustery proclamation that “America has failed us” by not unilaterally evicting Chinese forces from South China Sea islands and reefs that China began illegally occupying and fortifying soon after the Philippines petulantly evicted American forces from Subic Bay in 1991-1992 without a whiff of a plan, much less any demonstrable capacity, for national defense.

Never mind that the U.S. has taken no position on the conflicting territorial claims in the South China Sea, is not obligated to do so, and is neither obligated nor even legally authorized to take action against China over that situation.  Especially if the Philippines won’t even stand up for its own interests there after winning in an international tribunal.

No, blaming the Americans became a convenient excuse for doing what this comical thug regime already wanted to do:  bend over for China’s easy money as quickly as possible while spouting fake nationalist pabulum about charting an independent foreign policy course.

What a shameless crock of shit from a self-serving traitor — to two nations.  (Is Yasay even a bona fide Philippine citizen at this point?)

But none of this is to suggest that the U.S. has always been fair or honorable in its dealings with the Philippines.  It hasn’t been, quite obviously.

And one of the biggest U.S. failings was the Nixon Administration’s acquiescence — and even behind-the-scenes cheering — when klepto-strongman Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed martial law on September 23, 1972 and proceeded to loot the nation.

There was plenty of unrest in the country prior to that martial law declaration — some of it real, some of it orchestrated to serve various agendas.

The tragic long-term result was that idealistic opposition to Marcos was driven underground and swelled the ranks of a nascent Communist insurgency overseen by cynical, dogmatic, and bumbling ideologues who proceeded to get a lot of good people killed — and who eventually launched bloody internal purges that finished off quite a few more, which few people want to talk about these days.

Which brings us to the main point of this brief polemic:  U.S. President Donald Trump’s outrageous pat-on-the-head response to The Thug’s brutal terror campaign thinly disguised as a “drug war,” and an apparent new round of U.S. acquiescence regarding martial law in Mindanao.

Even if Trump does personally approve of rounding up thousands of mostly petty suspected drug users and dealers and murdering them while they are bound and gagged, that’s not a policy that any American leader should unequivocally applaud during a conversation with another head of state.

But what else can any rational person make of the bizarre conversation between Trump and The Thug, as reflected in a transcript leaked from the Department of Foreign Affairs?

According to that transcript, Trump praised Duterte for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem” and “a great job.”

Trump is infamously insincere and manipulative.  Even so, his unequivocal praise of a campaign of state-sponsored mass murder is so outrageous as to defy reality.

Assuming he doesn’t personally care one way or the other about murdered Filipinos but was just trying to butter up The Thug, he could have chosen another topic.

Or he could have simply been honest and said, “Look, I don’t personally give a rip, and I’m not presuming to tell you how to run your country, but you must understand that your foul-mouthed cheering of thousands of murders makes it politically very, very difficult for the United States to provide you with the level of cooperation and assistance that we would very much like to provide in furtherance of our mutual interests as long-standing friends and allies.  Members of the U.S. Congress, and plenty of individual Americans, are simply horrified by what’s going on in the Philippines today, and you make it worse pretty much every time you open your mouth.”

And then there’s the whole martial law thingy.

Maybe some American policymakers are ecstatic about The Thug’s martial law declaration for Mindanao, because they fear the island is in serious danger of rapidly becoming a regional base for Islamic extremist terrorism.

Maybe those concerns are very legitimate, and maybe some form of martial law is really necessary for a limited time and limited purposes, especially if it will be followed by real commitment to address longstanding grievances and provide true security, fair governance, and the kind of investments in public safety, education, health, and infrastructure that are necessary to provide people with real opportunities and hope for a better future.

But so far, the U.S. hasn’t even publicly addressed the issue of martial law, except in the most superficial terms, and has merely issued a general statement of support and solidarity against terrorist activities in the Philippines, without referencing any concern whatsoever about the loss of civil liberties and protections that martial law entails, and the need to be wary of its potential for abuse.

Maybe that’s to be expected.  The Thug is infamously thin-skinned when it comes to public criticism.  And the problems on Mindanao are very real.

But let’s hope that adult members of the U.S. foreign affairs and security establishment are at the very least quietly communicating that the U.S. cannot and will not support an unmitigated bloodbath on Mindanao that throws gasoline onto the fire of religious extremism and burns any chance for the region to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous future.

Because Trump has truly failed the Philippines, and there is absolutely no indication that he will ever grow up and become a real leader.

And speaking of failures:

Infamous brown-nosed toady opportunist Rigoberto Tiglao is constantly outdoing himself these days with his unforgivable wild-eyed attacks on actual journalists and the institution of journalism.

His recent hysterical screeds against Rappler and self-serving call for an investigation into the source of the leaked Trump-Duterte transcript, ignoring the relevance of the content of the transcript, bring brown-nosed toadyism down to a whole new dimension of despicable servitude.

What tunnel vision.  What a fucking traitor.  What a toady.

Tiglao  Golden toad

‘It will not be any different from what the President, Marcos did’

Duterte Marcos.jpg

Prone to tone-deaf theatrical excess and uncomprehending of irony, President I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck said it best himself during a quasi-interview with the Obnoxious Boob Job Groupie.

And after declaring martial law across Mindanao, The Thug has very clearly warned (yet again) that he may soon expand martial law nationwide.

So please, please, please, Dutertoads: stop attempting to downplay the potential of this ridiculous provincial bully to institute authoritarian rule, and stop whining about “bias” when he’s referred to as a “strongman” or a “strongman in the making.”

And we’ll reiterate what we said yesterday:  Mindanao has big and longstanding problems, and martial law MAY actually be an appropriate response to the endless rebellion and acts of terrorism there.

BUT, that will depend on how martial law is implemented, how long it lasts, whether it is expanded, and how it is received.

So far, this show has not been impressive.

Let’s remember that the whole fiasco — and that’s exactly what it is at this point — was set off by a botched raid to capture a notorious militant who proceeded to promptly escape after minions came to his aid and laid siege to his would-be captors and everyone else within range.

The Thug had his Macho Moment in Moscow where he threatened (again) to kill, and kill some more, then proceeded to give the Russian Mafioso object of his manly affections a diplomatic blowjob and beg him for weaponry.

While he hasn’t quite mounted the presidential jet ski and set off for Mindanao yet, it won’t be surprising if he pops up there soon in combat fatigues and dark sunglasses for some extended moments of glory.

That will get lots of attention, but none of it will matter.

What matters is this: a blustery, unstable, drug-abusing, narcissist ruler has launched the nation down a dangerous path of authoritarian rule and internal armed conflict for which he and his flunkies have demonstrated very little capacity to manage effectively or honestly.

Murdering thousands of pathetic slum druggies who are bound and gagged is one thing.

Taking on well-armed religious fanatics and their blood-thirsty extortionist cousins in the usual half-assed manner could very well destabilize an entire region and lead to decades of residual conflict and smoldering resentment.

He doesn’t give a shit.  That’s understood.  He’s not going to be around for much longer anyway, and he’d rather go out in a blaze of what he construes as glory.

But this is not a shitty 1970s one-man-army-macho-revenge-fantasy movie.  And it’s not all about him.

This is reality.  And the rest of us will have to live with it.

So let’s keep our eyes open and our vision clear.

Was Marawi mess bungled or planned?

Duterte confused.jpg

The siege of Marawi City cannot be called a success.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate, a police chief was reportedly beheaded, other security personnel were killed in action, hostages were taken, more than one hundred criminals were sprung from local jails, and major buildings were burned.

And the target of the operation that set off the whole conflagration has so far escaped.

As a result, The Thug has placed the entire island of Mindanao under martial law and cut short his hobnobbing in Moscow — but not until after begging his tough-guy idol, Russian mafioso Vladimir Putin, for arms he says are necessary to address the conflict.

So that really leaves us with only two possible conclusions:

(1)  The siege was a massive military and police fiasco, in which authorities failed to adequately gauge the potential level of resistance and prepare and execute the operation accordingly; or

(2)  The siege was, at least on some level, a crisis deliberately provoked to provide a convincing pretext to declare martial law, divert attention from the thousands of state-sponsored “drug war” murders, and suck up to a hoped-for new arms patron who won’t ask any pesky questions about human rights and the rule of law.

We’re inclined, at this point, to believe (1) because, well, the military and police fuck things up so often that it’s very, very easy to believe they just fucked this up too.

However, the time, place, and manner of the martial law declaration and the request for Russian arms seem very, very convenient and certainly lend themselves to informed speculation about (2), despite our doubts about this flaky regime’s organizational capacity to coordinate and pull off a staged crisis.


Was The Thug fully apprised of the situation in Marawi prior to the siege?

Did he personally authorize the attempt to capture reputed terrorist honcho Isnilon Hapilon, which sparked the siege?

How did security forces get caught with their pants down?

Where is Hapilon now, and how the fuck did he get away?

How long will martial law last on Mindanao?

Will it be expanded to other regions under some as-yet unknown pretext?

Duterte’s strongman move on Mindanao raises lots of genuine questions

Duterte fist.jpg

Mindanao has had serious insurgency and terrorist problems for a long, long time.

And government troops did clash on Tuesday with a handful of dipshit gaya-gaya Islamic tough guys in Marawi City, capital of Lanao del Sur province.

The Thug had previously threatened to impose martial law on Mindanao, and has strongly hinted that he’d like to do so for the entire nation.

Still, The Thug’s declaration of martial law for the entire island raises plenty of questions:

(1)  Why now?  It appears that Philippine troops initiated the confrontation with self-styled Islamic State follower militants during an attempt to capture one of their leaders.

Fair enough.  Take him out when you have the chance, if that’s the best move.

But heavy armed resistance was totally predictable, and may have actually been a government goal.  Provoke a big shoot-out, then use it as an excuse to do what you already planned, which is to declare martial law.

Was this the best time to initiate this scenario?  Was it necessary at all?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

The Thug was in Russia, pursuing his nascent bromance with Mafioso leader Vladimir Putin and friends, but cut his trip short to jet back to the Philippines after making his martial law declaration in Moscow.

That seems more than a little staged.

(2)  Was The Thug trying to impress his idol, Putin?  Tough guys love to show off for each other.  Read into that however you like.

Taking action while in Moscow and juggling his meeting with Putin will probably get Putin’s attention.  We all know that The Thug likes to alternate between slavish sipsip and playing hard-to-get.  His unpredictability has become very predictable at this point.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the two will meet before The Thug actually departs.

Does martial law provide an opportunity to request military aid from Russia, or at least expedite arms purchases from Russia?

Russia (or China) would be far more likely than, say, the United States, to provide some level of military aid without any pesky moral qualms or questions about human rights, the potential use of the arms to suppress other elements of the population that are wholly unrelated to the conflicts on Mindanao, or any commitments to the rule of law.

(3)  Was martial law necessary, and for the whole island?  There are plenty of bad guys on Mindanao, and there certainly is armed conflict.  The reasons are deep, and a long time in the making.  But it’s not really clear that martial law was necessary to address the immediate problems in Marawi City.  The cops and the army could already do that.

And there are plenty of places on Mindanao that are quite peaceful.

Martial law allows authorities to arrest and detain people without warrants, impose curfews, and the like.  Maybe that’s necessary.  But maybe not.

(4)  How will martial law be implemented?  Will those powers be used solely to address imminent threats from armed rebels and terrorists?  Or will they also be invoked to pursue garden-variety criminals, drug suspects, political opponents, the media, etc. etc?

We’ve all seen that bad movie before.

So it will be very, very interesting to see how this drama unfolds.

(5)  Is limited martial law a dress rehearsal for a much bigger show?

The Thug has made no secret of his desire for dictatorial powers, and has repeatedly threatened to invoke martial law.  That’s why it’s so fucking silly when Dutertoads get all thin-skinned and leap to his defense whenever he’s characterized as a strongman-in-the-making.

He’s taken some well-deserved heat for his “drug war” and the thousands of murders that have been committed by authorities and their agents while he cheered them on.

If the situation on Mindanao becomes more of a crisis, and martial law is imposed broadly and harshly, with little questioning or opposition, will a new crisis conveniently emerge somewhere else and be invoked to expand martial law, perhaps nationwide?

These are all just questions.  Reasonable questions.

Perhaps martial law on Mindanao was reasonable and necessary.  But perhaps not.

The Thug’s reckless public conduct, theatrical nature, self-contradictions, unstable policies, and clear yearning for quick-and-dirty solutions all make the utilization of authoritarian means very troubling and worthy of serious scrutiny.

Now the show has really started.

Who will mindlessly clap and cheer?  Who will ask the tough questions?

Punked by the Panda


Duterte 2

“But I thought we were friends!  I told you I would gladly be your bitch!  What more do you want?”

Perhaps that’s what The Thug really said when Chinese President Xi Jinping allegedly told him that China was ready to go to war with the Philippines over the South China Sea (also referred to by a few in recent years as the West Philippine Sea).

So, The Thug says, I rolled over immediately.

But what is he really saying?

One:  That the dispute is really all about the oil, gas, and other resources, of course.

Two:  That China is eager to start drilling, and The Thug is willing to accept a payoff to get out of the way.

Three:  That The Thug is all about superficial quick-fix solutions to all problems.  Sell out national sovereignty for a few quick renmimbi?  No problem.  Just build me some infrastructure from which you will also profit.  The bills won’t come due until I’m pushing up daisies anyway.

Four:  Although he likes to swagger and talk tough for his groupies, The Thug really is nothing but a spoiled brat provincial bully who quickly bends over for bigger bullies.

Five:  Dutertoads like to make noise about their “patriotism” and assume pseudo-nationalist postures — clapping for the recent blustery rejection of EU aid, and the like — but they’re so blinded by their sipsip-ism and fad mentality that they won’t allow themselves to see the truth.

The Philippines is getting punked.  Big time.

Just keep on clapping.


Duterte and North Korea

Ignoring the endless toady circus for a few minutes, it was refreshing to see that the Washington Post had a very interesting analysis piece the other day, focusing on the Philippines’ relationship with North Korea.

It turns out that PH is the Hermit Kingdom’s third-largest trading partner, following China (of course) and India.

So there may actually be some method to the madness of Trump inviting The Thug to snuggle up in the White House.

But that may be giving the U.S. Buffoon-in-Chief far too much credit for logic and reasoning.

At any rate, the WaPo piece outlines in broad terms a likely strategy to further isolate and pressure North Korea:  prevent Lil’ Kim from turning to the Philippines and other neighbors for enhanced trade and illicit income activities if China finally has enough of his missile-rattling bluster and starts slamming the door on him.

The piece also underscores that North Korea is a major source of the shabu plague coming into the PH, and figured into the embarrassing 2016 cyber-theft from Bangladesh’s bank accounts.

All this is very, very ripe for follow-up from the PH media.  What are The Thug’s views on PH trade and other interaction with North Korea, especially since he professes to be so hot and bothered by illegal drugs?  Does he favor disengagement or a crackdown?

And who, exactly, is trading heavily with North Korea?  What are they selling?  What are they buying?

Sadly, this is the kind of important foreign affairs reporting and analysis that is so rarely accomplished in the Philippines, where so much of the media is driven by dubious political and economic agendas and the rest is distracted by endless superficial drama, daily disasters, political sniping, and silly bullshit.

What to make of Mocha?

Mocha is a shoo-in for a Golden Toady Award nomination.  That’s why we’ve avoided mentioning her until now.

Putting her at the top of the list would seem so obvious, and maybe even a little desperate.  Like when a guy is in high school and a girl makes it real clear that she’ll give him a blow job, even before he actually asks her out.

He’ll probably take her up on it at some point.  But not if there’s someone more interesting to pursue.  And he would definitely not be seen in public with her, except maybe at a beer joint where he passes her around to his friends.

And that’s really what Mocha reminds one of:  the brash, edgy, not-terribly-attractive, angry, mean girl in high school who would do it behind the gym and enjoyed a certain kind of popularity but would never have anyone’s real respect.

A few of the other girls envied her boldness and experience, but most others feared her malicious tongue and vindictive personality.  Or they simply loathed her for her cheap and tacky persona, which had nothing to do with affluence but everything to do with self-respect.

We do live in a society in which any young woman with a reasonably attractive appearance, or who can be embellished enough with makeup and clothing, can attract lots of attention by flashing her tits for a camera or two.  Or twenty.


And if she likes to talk about her tits, and related topics, she can sustain the attention for awhile.

So what to make of The Thug’s appointment of Mocha as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office?

Since he was already getting the milk for free, why did he buy the cow?

And who will get the most out of this strange arrangement?

Mocha definitely has a grasping star-fucker personality, and she’s shamelessly and tirelessly sucked up to The Thug and promoted him through social media.

Or would it be more accurate to say she has promoted herself by attaching her tits to his bandwagon as it swerves all over the road?

This saga is like one of those awful cringe-worthy dramas you can’t stand watching but hesitate to tune out completely because you want to at least be aware of the current ridiculous fad and distraction.

At any rate, Mocha’s over-the-top shameless toadyism has clearly gotten her what she desperately craves:  attention and notoriety.

So we’ll play along and reward her with a well-deserved nomination for the Golden Toadies.

Mocha and Thug

UN rapporteur and an outrageous lack of due process

It’s not surprising or hard to understand why The Thug and his toady administration are going toad-shit over criticism of their “drug war” by United Nations Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard, who was invited to give a keynote speech at a UP drug forum.

The Thug is infamously pikon when it comes to criticism, especially of his gruesome campaign of murder-first-then-brush-off-questions-and-act-dumb-later “drug war.”

Still, it takes a special kind of brown-nosed toady to whine that Callamard’s indirect criticism of the brazen murders of thousands of drug suspects lacked objectivity and due process.

Ernesto Abella  Assuming the position?

But that’s what Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella did when he complained that, “If Dr. Callamard is committed to ensuring due process to our government and a truly objective assessment of our record on an issue of tremendous importance to our nation, she should be in Geneva meeting with our representatives.”  (Emphasis added).

After all, due process — that is, the right to fair treatment and the chance to be informed of and respond in a court of law to charges against a person accused of a crime — is enshrined in Section 1, Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which provides that:

“No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the law.”

And due process is exactly what is lacking when mere suspects — people suspected of crimes but not formally charged, much less convicted — are tied up and murdered by the thousands, especially when the suspected crimes are nonviolent, like drug use, and would not subject a person to the death penalty even if found absolutely guilty.

And yes, it’s true that neither The Thug nor his minions have been proven guilty in any court of crimes against humanity — yet.

But it’s also true that The Thug has publicly and repeatedly threatened and advocated for the murder of suspected drug offenders.

And it’s also true that Callamard, who was not speaking or acting in an official capacity, did not directly accuse The Thug of committing crimes against humanity.

In fact, she didn’t even directly criticize the country or its policies at all.

She merely stated, in a general sense, that “The General Assembly of the World’s Governments recognized exclusively that the war on drugs — be it community-based, national or global — does not work,” and that illegal killings do not tend to solve drug problems.

She even had the audacity to proclaim that “This rejection of human rights is a rejection of our common humanity.”

Clearly, those comments are way out of line and a terrible affront to diplomatic niceties.  <Massive Sarcasm>

At least that’s how shameless toadies see it.

So although it was a given from the start, it’s high time now to officially nominate Abella for the Golden Toady Award.

Golden toad