Duterte’s impulsive and dictatorial tendencies explored

Duterte fist

Rappler has an interesting story detailing how The Thug decided to close Boracay island to visitors and how he announced the closure publicly.

There’s nothing new or exciting in the report regarding the impending closure, which is quite likely a massive scam to seize property and award it to favored crooks and cronies.

But what the report does illustrate quite well is The Thug’s tendency to impulsively try to do whatever he wants at a particular moment, leaving underlings and toadies scrambling to figure out the details and legalities.

It’s a picture of a shallow intellect, excitable personality and short attention span, easily influenced by select information, and not prone to rational and strategic decision-making.

It’s the mind of an undisciplined, spoiled, provincial brat who’s used to being surrounded by sipsips, and who would declare himself King of the World if he thought he could get away with it.

It’s the mind of a crude, petty, tyrannical jackass.  The mind of an overgrown child.  Or a rattled drug addict.


Boracay Scam deflection: “What Chinese casino?”

Nose Roque shouting

They don’t call him Pi-Roque-o for nothing.

Now that the rat is out of the bag, The Thug Regime is furiously pack-peddling and insisting that no Chinese-owned resort-casino is going into Boracay as the regime abruptly closes off the island due to “environmental concerns.”

This comes as the Thug-in-Chief makes a butt-snuggling pilgrimage to China.

The play here is obvious: Lie, obfuscate, deny, and distract.  Then, when the dust has settled and the media have moved on to the next big scandal, do what you planned to do all along.

It’s the same old story.

The only real question now is: Who else, specifically, will profit from the Boracay Scam?


Rappler busts The Thug on the Boracay Scam

Duterte shades

“Okay, you caught me selling out to China and lying about it.  But I don’t give a shit.”

Using environmental concerns as a pretext, The Thug Regime is seizing control of the Boracay tourism cash cow so Chinese investors can milk it for themselves and share a little cream with the “right people.”

The Thug claimed he knew nothing about a new Chinese-bankrolled resort-casino that’s planned for the island.  Nobody with any sense believed him, but Rappler went the extra step and proved he was flat-out lying.

Yes, some political opportunists will use this controversy for their own purposes.  And yes, there’s already lots of illegal development, and over-development, on Boracay and it’s harming the environment.

But no, the Thug Regime has no real plan to rehabilitate the island to protect the environment, and there’s no new and imminent crisis that didn’t exist last year or ten years ago.

But there is a big new resort-casino that’s coming in, and there’s lots of money to be made and spread around.

And there’s a very pliable president in power, and he lies his ass off.

So what’s really going on with Boracay?

Duterte confused

“What, me sell out to the Chinese?”

Now that The Thug has vowed to close Boracay Island for 6 months, it really is time to ask some obvious questions.

Like, just how does a president have the authority to unilaterally close down an entire island?  Yes, there are legitimate environmental concerns, but those are nothing new and there is no imminent crisis that demands an abrupt and immediate closure.  Nor is there any coherent plan in place to address the “environmental concerns.”

So just what powers are being invoked here?

And what’s the real motivation?  Did The Thug just wake up one day and decide to become a flaming environmentalist?

Or is this just an obvious ploy to drive the “rabble” out of Boracay,  sell it off to Chinese investors, and make it an exclusive playground for the elite?

What, exactly, does the closure mean?  Only residents will be allowed?  Does that include foreign residents?

Will the closure really be enforced equally?  Or will access still be allowed for the elite who will now have the island to themselves?

Will any real environmental protection actually be accomplished?

Or is that just a shallow pretext?

If Boracay’s environment is really so threatened, why did the government recently approve the development of a huge new resort-casino?

For possible clues to Boracay’s future, it’s instructive to look at Sihanoukville, Cambodia, which is rapidly becoming a Chinese playground — to the detriment of many residents and existing businesses.

One of The Thug’s most shameless propaganda toadies seems to have inadvertently tipped the hand of the play to come: Declare all Boracay land titles and leases null and void so that the current government can dole out new ones to friends, cronies, and ravenous pandas–all in the name of “upholding the rule of law,” no less.


Murderous clown plays the race card. Again.

Duterte shades

He’s not the first piece of shit petty tyrant to try to hide behind a flag or appeals to race.

But he certainly is one of the most ridiculous.

And this isn’t his first offense.

After clamoring for, and then applauding, the thousands of murders of Filipinos that have been carried out in the Philippines by Filipinos at his implied or perhaps express command, Duwag Duterte abruptly withdrew the nation from the International Criminal Court treaty known as the Rome Statute over the prospect of an investigation.

He then denounced the ICC’s supporters as “white idiots.”

This is the same  racist twerp who referred to former American President Barack Obama a “black son of a bitch.”

Some people are actually impressed by this stupid shit, and clap and cheer like a bunch of demented children raised in a barnyard.

Others just stay silent.

But everyone can clearly see where this is heading:  As the ICC pursues its inquiry, Duterte will attempt to portray the probe as an attack on Filipinos in general, on the nation’s sovereignty, and on Filipino dignity.

All a crock of shit, obviously.  The ICC was established to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity when national systems of justice fail.

When a president publicly applauds widespread slaughter and constantly threatens deadly violence, it’s time for the ICC to step in.

And it’s time for everybody to see through this bullshit, no matter what ridiculous claims and rationalizations are floated in response.

As Duterte’s antics continue, it’s very, very hard to see the rest of the world viewing the Philippines as a serious and respectable nation any time soon.

Did Thug Duterte just shit his pants?


My God, what’s that smell?!?

With the International Criminal Court finally taking a hard look at The Thug’s infamous murder campaign, he seems to be panicking and has vowed to take his marbles and go home by withdrawing the Philippines from the Rome Statute jurisdiction it had previously agreed to.

And he’s shamelessly attempted to assume the posture of victim in explaining his actions.  Those mean foreigners don’t understand us and they’re picking on me, he whines.

Duwag, talaga.

“It is apparent that the ICC is being utilized as a political tool against the Philippines,” Duterte said with a straight face.

The thousands of dead bodies have nothing to do with it, nor does his penchant for running his mouth and constantly implicating himself, he sniffs.

Notice that he claims the ICC is attacking the Philippines, rather than defending the human rights of the people of the Philippines by investigating a treasonous and murderous administration and its blood-soaked clown leader.

Same old shallow appeals to nationalism, vanity, and identity.  Same old play-the-victim card.  Same old deceptive bullshit.

His preposterous rationalizations for claiming that the Philippines is not subject to the Rome Statute anyway are just too dip-shit to bother with here.  Others have done a great job debunking that silly crap.

And withdrawing from the Rome Statute now obviously won’t absolve him from criminal liability for acts committed while jurisdiction was in force.  It just looks makes him look more guilty.  Obviously.

It sure will be entertaining to watch pompous self-styled “human rights lawyer” cum murder mouthpiece Harry Roque attempt to tap-dance through this shit pile.

If you still thought that ridiculous fucking stooge had a shred of credibility, honor, or principle, well, now you know better.

He’s a classic example of the kind of shameless balimbing who would have promptly jumped in step with the Nazis if they gave him a pat on the head.

And Toady Tiglao is even worse.

His recent public call for the actual lynching of two advocates of ICC prosecution of The Thug was an incredibly callous abuse of a major media publication, went far beyond his usual hack propaganda, and just might be enough to make him and the Despicable Shitrag’s ownership criminally liable for incitement to violence.

Yapping Roque and Mocha and Duterte Cayetano Tiglao

The cluttered mind of a ranting thug

Duterte 2

He’s a very unhappy overgrown brat.

Are his garbled diatribes strategically concocted to distract and deflect, cause confusion, and allow him to pursue hidden agendas without scrutiny?

Or is he just a murderous idiot surrounded by butt-kissing opportunists who would flush themselves down a toilet if he told them to?

An excellent recent think piece leans toward the latter (albeit a bit more diplomatically) and concludes that The Thug’s penchant for disjointed ranting “simply arises out of the chaotic personality of the President. He has no boundaries, his thoughts bump into each other, resulting in incoherence.”

Sort of a one-man Divisoria on an extra-hot morning.

Meanwhile, a United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights wonders out loud what pretty much everyone else outside the inbred Malacanang sipsip-sphere has been thinking:  Is this guy out of his fucking mind or what?

Yes, pretty much.  But there’s a little more to it.

Stripped of mythology, what we really have here is a deeply insecure spoiled brat provincial elite who likes to spout pseudo-nationalist tripe, act tough, and push people around for the cameras but is completely vapid and impotent beyond that and couldn’t actually fight his way out of a wet paper sack.

A sort of politically empowered Robin Padilla, if you will.

Beyond the idiocy and shame to the nation, the big problem here is that The Thug is neck deep in state-sponsored murder and Panda shit.

UPDATE:  In response to the gentle and quite reasonable suggestion that he promptly seek a mental health examination, The Thug goes full-on Banana Republic Wackjob and says human rights investigators should be thrown to crocodiles.

He’s on an absolute crusade to make the Philippines look like an archipelago of idiocy.

Duterte’s murder impunity ending?

Duterte confused

A turd in your punchbowl?

Is that the sound of shit hitting the fan?

The International Criminal Court is finally launching a “preliminary examination” of the ridiculous Philippine president’s potential culpability in the murders of thousands of his countrymen.

The nation’s march toward fascism amid cheers from egregious toadies and fools went on for months and months while the bodies kept dropping.  And it hasn’t stopped.

Anyone who questions the situation is shouted down, threatened, or mocked by the hordes of butt-kissing fanatics who think they’re very, very special.

Meanwhile, Duterte’s cringe-inducing spokes-stooge says The Thug welcomes the ICC inquiry and has vowed to “put the prosecutor on the stand” and turn the tables on the proceedings.

Does Roque really believe that stupid shit?  Or is he just channeling his alter ego again?

Roque surprised Trump

If the hair fits, what then?

Philippine thugs bend over for panda reaming on Scarborough Shoal


Presidential propaganda toady Harry Roque commenting on China’s assertions of control over the entire South China Sea.

Five years after China slapped the Philippines aside and took over Scarborough Shoal, the blustery “nationalist” Duterte regime finds its macho pretensions rather limp.

Asked to comment on the recent U.S. freedom of navigation action involving an American warship traversing waters near Scarborough, and China’s predictable tantrum in response, Duterte spokes-toady Harry Roque shrugged it all off as “America’s problem.”

“We have reached a point where we have independent foreign relations, and a problem of America is no longer a problem of the Philippines,” he said.


Philippines: the new Cambodia

Duterte fist 2Hitler

President I-Don’t-Give-a-Shit and his toadies seem determined to imitate Cambodia’s kleptocratic Hun Sen regime by crushing press freedom, sucking up to China, murdering with impunity, and selling out the national patrimony to foreign capitalists and cronies.

Hun Sen

The democracy-crushing Cambodian thug seems to have provided ample inspiration for the gaya-gaya Philippine thug.

The latest assault on the media attacks foreign investment in media ownership through a somewhat complicated but widely used financial arrangement that’s obviously designed to circumvent dubious protectionist legal restrictions.

Suffice to say, there’s more than a whiff of selective enforcement here.  But toadies insist The Thug has nothing to do with it.

Nose Roque shouting

The real question, of course, is what can be done about foreign ownership of the government itself.

For all his careening nationalist bluster, The Thug has made it very clear that his ass is for sale to the Great Panda to the northwest, and anyone else who will help expand the illusion of rapid development in the national interest and help keep him in power.