‘PROUD TO BE YOUR BITCH’ Toady press croaks about toadyism award

About the only thing more ridiculous than The Manila Times’ laughably uncritical routine parroting of pretty much everything ever uttered by the “Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption” is that despicable shitrag’s shameless crowing about the VACC bestowing upon it an award for that constant craven sipsip-ing.

The VACC is really nothing but a group of self-serving special interests that invoke opposition to criminality to uncritically cheer-lead for The Thug and urge a quicker goose-step toward national fascism while thousands of state-sanctioned murders are committed all around it.

It certainly is no credible or dispassionate judge of quality journalism.  Obviously.

And The Shitrag is really nothing but a mouthpiece of special interests seeking to curry favor with a wacky and dangerous authoritarian regime and exploit the financial opportunities they see coming their way, and is an absolute perversion of the standards and institution of journalism.

Its present owners have forever besmirched the once-proud legacy of The Times.

And they’re proud of it.

Golden toad


Is this fool out of his fucking mind?

Duterte fist

More vile threats from the Thug and his fisting cult.

Just when you thought The Thug probably couldn’t say or do anything more stupid than he’s already said or done, he pops off with a threat to kill human rights advocates.

So presiding over a reign of mass murder isn’t enough, it seems.

No, mere criticism of the reign of mass murder is now “justification” for even more mass murder.

This is one sick puppy.

But the most pathetic thing is that some ignorant victims of low self-esteem still think he’s the nation’s savior.

This is nothing less than a national tragedy.


Does anyone really believe Ozamiz Massacre WASN’T an obvious rubout?

Duterte 2

“Who me, direct or condone blatant assassinations by police?”

Is this yet another of the many instances in which everyone pretty much knows the truth of the matter but some just play along and act as if they actually believe claims that are ridiculously implausible but which allow certain parties to avoid taking any responsibility while attention spans wane and are inevitably distracted by a fresh tragedy or outrage?

Coordinated police raids in two separate locations just happen to result in the killings of 15 people, some of whom were allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, including the Ozamiz City mayor.

Somehow, virtually every non-police officer at each scene was shot to death while no police officers where killed.

Does that seem even remotely plausible?

And let’s be clear.  The question of whether any of these people were involved in illegal drugs doesn’t really matter here.  What matters is the question of whether the police killings were justified.

If the victims were involved in illegal drugs, they should have been arrested, charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned upon conviction.  The mere allegation of illegal conduct simply does not authorize police to summarily execute anyone.  Ever.

We’ll be looking forward to a credible investigation by the PNP Internal Affairs Service and others.  And credible follow-up on those investigations.  But we won’t be holding our breath.

Why?  Because the blatant police assassination of another mayor in a jail cell, and the killings of thousands of other alleged drug suspects throughout the nation, have not resulted in any credible investigations, much less any action.

And the whitewashing of other outrages that seem to have been swiftly forgotten demonstrates clearly that the police are acting with impunity as extortionists and enforcers of a criminal mafia regime.


PH ‘newspapers’ flunk basic integrity

Blatantly one-sided stories planted in news sections.  Comical refusals to acknowledge massive elephants in the room.  Abusive attack-dog “columnists” on destructive missions.  Half-assed “reporting” that relies on he-said, she-said claims for basic facts that should be independently confirmed.

The chronic failings of some of the nation’s largest media outlets are so routine, enormous, obvious, and shameless.  And they’re coming into clear focus once again because of the squabble over the lucrative Makati property known as “Mile Long.”

You know the basic story:  The property is owned by the government and leased by Sunvar Realty Development Corporation, which is in turn owned by the families who also own the majority stake in the Philippine Daily Inquirer — sadly the nation’s largest-circulation newspaper — which they are in the process of selling out, perhaps under government pressure, to a big supporter of The Thug in Chief.

There’s a long-running legal dispute over the property, and the Sunvar-Inquirer clan has retained possession while appealing an adverse court ruling.

The Thug’s legal mouthpiece let loose a broadside the other day, accusing Sunvar of illegally “squatting” on publicly owned land, which the accused have denied.

Which party should ultimately prevail in the court case is anyone’s guess, but that’s not the subject of this polemic.

The subject is the pathetic lack of journalistic integrity.

The Inquirer initially ignored the Solicitor General’s broadside, then published a completely one-sided article trumpeting Sunvar’s (that is, the Inquirer majority owners’) argument refuting the “squatting” claim.

The one-sided aspect was bad enough, but the Inquirer story never even mentioned who owns Sunvar, or that it was even connected in any way to the newspaper that was publishing the one-sided missive.

That’s such an obvious failure of basic journalism ethics.  And it’s a really stupid one, too, since Sunvar’s ownership is no secret to the portion of the audience that’s paying enough attention to even want to read about the dispute.

So why omit such key facts?

Would it really have been so hard to include a simple acknowledgment of the obvious conflict of interest here, by simply stating that “Sunvar is owned by members of the Prieto and Rufino families, who are the majority owners of the Inquirer and have recently announced their intention to sell their shares in the newspaper”?

And the Despicable Shitrag is just as bad, publishing a completely one-sided second attack by The Thug’s solicitor general that threatens an imminent court ruling against Sunvar, and also omitted any mention of the Inquirer ties.

And the Shitrag’s attack-dog propagandist, shameless sleazebag scribbler Rigoberto Tiglao, stoops about as low as possible by attempting to link this financial dispute to support for rebuilding Marawi after it is finally brought back under government control following the badly bungled ongoing military siege there.

It should be noted that the Inquirer is Tiglao’s former employer, and is an obvious major competitor to his current employer.  He’s such a creepy piece of shit.  Not even worth commenting on further.

The Star at least published a reasonably balanced story which acknowledged that “Sunvar is owned by the Prieto-Rufino clan, which controlled the Philippine Daily Inquirer that has been perceived to be critical of President Duterte and his administration.”  But the Star just drops the subject there, and omits any mention that the clan’s sale of its Inquirer stock may be the result of government pressure over the Mile Long dispute.

This whole thing is such a cornucopia of sleaze.

Frankly, if the Inquirer clan gets its ass kicked, they completely deserve it.  They have badly abused their position of public trust for a long, long time.

That said, nobody should have any illusions that the Despicable Shitrag or The Thug are any better, or that any of these parties have the nation’s best interests in mind here.

This is strictly another personal feud among the shameless squabbling elites that have wrecked the Philippines for so long and sucked it dry for their own selfish benefit.



Only empty-headed despots would threaten to bomb schools

Duterte confused

Hell-bent on making the nation an international pariah?

The Thug “clarified” his earlier blustery bullshit about bombing Lumad schools on Mindanao that allegedly teach subversion, and said he would only bomb those schools while they were empty.

That would still be a war crime.

These ignorant threats are getting so fucking tedious, but they unfortunately can’t be ignored as dumb-ass hyperbole since this moron has more than proved that he is wacky enough to carry out just about any stupid shit he can “think” of, and he’s surrounded by enough butt-kissing weasels to actually make it happen.

Sayang, Pilipinas.

Troll army for stupid despot


An expert on shooting himself in the foot.

Well, The Thug did it again: embarrassed the nation and made himself look utterly retarded.

His idiotic claim that prestigious Oxford University is a “school for stupid people” is so typical of this moron who habitually dismisses logic and reason and panders to the lowest common denominators among the most uneducated and isolated of his constituency.

This is the fucking idiot who publicly muses about extinguishing twenty percent of his own national population in order to curb its growth.

You just can’t make this shit up.

The saddest thing is that plenty of misguided and alienated people are still impressed with this ridiculous twit.

At least he admitted that he paid hacks and trolls to post support for him on social media and attack opponents and people who merely question his nonsense.

As if there were ever any doubt.

Will threats, bombast, and other nonsense camouflage The Thug’s China sellout?

Duterte 2  Panda

The Thug has gone on another ranting binge against the Commission on Human Rights, demonstrating yet again that he’s just an overstuffed provincial bully with no regard for the rule of law or separation of powers.

Meanwhile, he and his minions have been very busy selling out to China for quick and dirty money to create illusions of progress and prosperity.

Are people starting to wake up and see through these theatrics and distractions?  Or will they just continue to lap up the drama and spectacle as their national patrimony is sold out from under them and their constitutional protections and rights as citizens are steadily eroded?

Leave it to Erap for epic dumbfuckery with basura boat stunt

You just can’t make this stupid shit up.

Looking like a doddering old drunk who hasn’t updated his wardrobe since high school, habitual out-of-date Tondo Boy poseur, disgraced former president, and current Manila Mayor (go figure) Joseph Estrada put on his vintage black hightop basketball shoes and crusty old jeans to stumble aboard a banca the other day with some minions to participate in a Manila Bay “cleanup” campaign.

Outfitted with cheap butterfly nets, “Erap” and his entourage braved the foul and fetid waters to bob around and collect a few pieces of trash for a couple minutes while cameras whirred.

The problem, of course, was that Estrada’s ridiculous toadies weren’t content to have him scoop up the existing trash, of which there is obviously no shortage.

No, the sip-sip brigade actually dumped trash into the bay beside the banca so that Erap and his posse would have an easier time scooping their silly little nets for this ridiculous exercise in political theatrics.

No, you just can’t make this shit up.

A horrified TV reporter remarked, quite sensibly, “My god, is this a joke?”

Erap was unperturbed as usual.  It’s just a publicity stunt anyway, he later shrugged.

And that says oh so much.

So much of Philippine leadership, politics, activism, and public debate is just shallow palabas, totally insincere, and everyone pretty much knows it.

So why does it continue?  Why do so many people go along with these stupid charades?

The only real surprising thing here is that TV Patrol didn’t just go along with the ridiculous bullshit this time, but actually did a very sensible story calling out the epic nonsense for what is was.

We need more of that honest approach.  A lot more.

Meanwhile, the ambitious (some would say “wacky”) plan to dump many tons of dirt and debris into the bay to construct an artificial island for the wealthy near the Baseco squatter area is apparently plowing full steam ahead, with virtually no credible scrutiny from media or the public.


Petty tyrant acts like lousy cartoon clown

Duterte confused

He never misses an opportunity to embarrass the entire nation and demonstrate that he is not a dependable ally or even a mature adult.

In response to an American congressman’s vow to protest any visit by The Thug to the White House at President Trump’s ill-advised invitation, The Thug vowed to never step foot in America and called that country “lousy.”

It was a typical and predictably childish reaction by a tin-pot would-be dictator who’s struggling with an ongoing terrorist siege in Marawi, for which the Americans have provided much-needed military assistance to the troops on the ground.

And it came in response to American criticism of The Thug’s instigation and cheerleading of rampant illegal executions in the Philippines, mostly of dirt-poor suspected drug users and petty criminals.

But rather than address very reasonable and well-articulated concerns by Americans who are horrified by the ongoing slaughter of his countrymen by his own security forces and their minions, The Thug took it personal and lashed out at the nation’s oldest ally with a petty insult and vowed to never visit “lousy” America.

This, folks, it the petulant twit who “leads” the nation.

An actual leader, or any reasonable and mature adult, might have simply stated that he shares the American congressman’s concerns about the illegal killings of thousands of Filipinos and does not under any circumstances condone those killings.



The fact that The Thug just doesn’t get that pretty much says it all.

Flaming hypocrite whines about due process while bodies keep dropping

Ernesto Abella

It’s pretty surreal to see Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella yammering about fairness and due process regarding a pending U.S. investigation of widely reported extrajudicial killings of thousands of Filipinos, otherwise known as state-sanctioned mass murders.

Surreal, because fairness and due process is precisely what is lacking when suspects who have not been convicted of crimes are summarily executed by “security” forces and their henchmen amid goading and cheering by the Thug-in-Chief.

Surreal because Abella is obviously blind to the irony here.

Or maybe he’s just a spineless fucking toady, as well as a shameless bullshit artist.

Coming up next:  a bunch of whiny pseudo-nationalist blather about how the U.S. should not meddle in Philippine affairs, even if the “meddling” is borne of concern for Filipino lives that Philippine “leaders” are all too happy to see summarily extinguished while brainwashed fools clap and cheer like blind imbeciles.