Duterte’s murder impunity ending?

Duterte confused

A turd in your punchbowl?

Is that the sound of shit hitting the fan?

The International Criminal Court is finally launching a “preliminary examination” of the ridiculous Philippine president’s potential culpability in the murders of thousands of his countrymen.

The nation’s march toward fascism amid cheers from egregious toadies and fools went on for months and months while the bodies kept dropping.  And it hasn’t stopped.

Anyone who questions the situation is shouted down, threatened, or mocked by the hordes of butt-kissing fanatics who think they’re very, very special.

Meanwhile, Duterte’s cringe-inducing spokes-stooge says The Thug welcomes the ICC inquiry and has vowed to “put the prosecutor on the stand” and turn the tables on the proceedings.

Does Roque really believe that stupid shit?  Or is he just channeling his alter ego again?

Roque surprised Trump

If the hair fits, what then?


Philippine thugs bend over for panda reaming on Scarborough Shoal


Presidential propaganda toady Harry Roque commenting on China’s assertions of control over the entire South China Sea.

Five years after China slapped the Philippines aside and took over Scarborough Shoal, the blustery “nationalist” Duterte regime finds its macho pretensions rather limp.

Asked to comment on the recent U.S. freedom of navigation action involving an American warship traversing waters near Scarborough, and China’s predictable tantrum in response, Duterte spokes-toady Harry Roque shrugged it all off as “America’s problem.”

“We have reached a point where we have independent foreign relations, and a problem of America is no longer a problem of the Philippines,” he said.


Philippines: the new Cambodia

Duterte fist 2Hitler

President I-Don’t-Give-a-Shit and his toadies seem determined to imitate Cambodia’s kleptocratic Hun Sen regime by crushing press freedom, sucking up to China, murdering with impunity, and selling out the national patrimony to foreign capitalists and cronies.

Hun Sen

The democracy-crushing Cambodian thug seems to have provided ample inspiration for the gaya-gaya Philippine thug.

The latest assault on the media attacks foreign investment in media ownership through a somewhat complicated but widely used financial arrangement that’s obviously designed to circumvent dubious protectionist legal restrictions.

Suffice to say, there’s more than a whiff of selective enforcement here.  But toadies insist The Thug has nothing to do with it.

Nose Roque shouting

The real question, of course, is what can be done about foreign ownership of the government itself.

For all his careening nationalist bluster, The Thug has made it very clear that his ass is for sale to the Great Panda to the northwest, and anyone else who will help expand the illusion of rapid development in the national interest and help keep him in power.


New looks for RevGov Roque?

The ridiculous hoopla being generated in some quarters to pimp the declaration of an omnipotent “Revolutionary Government” and further empower the Thug Regime got us thinking about potential new looks for official Court Jester and shameless bullshit artist Harry Roque.

Just what look does the modern fascist stooge and media whore aspire to affect these days?

Should it be a throwback to pompous fascists of the past?

Mussolini Roque

The Mussolini Look seems like a natural for toupee-topped Roque.  Perhaps too natural.

Or is something more pointed, telling, and radical in order?

Lil Kim Harry-Roque fisting

He does bear a certain creepy resemblance to the cocky North Korean wackadoo.

Perhaps Harry should indulge his macho fantasies a bit and strive for an even more bold and striking appearance adjustment.

Zapata bald Harry-Roque fisting.jpg

Would Zapata approve?  Ay, ay, ay…

But when one strips away all pretense, there really is only one new look that would be oh-so-appropriate for such a devious and energetic propagandist.  A certain homespun, disarming look to mask crude and evil intentions.

Alfalfa Harry-Roque fisting.jpg

Did Alfalfa grow up and join the neofascists?

And there you have it.  The new Harry Roque: Absurdist Extraordinaire.

Send in the clowns!

Roque and Mocha clowns.jpeg

Panocha and Dorque can’t wait to start clowning.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

Shameless Thug Regime sluts Mocha Uson and Harry Roque are now being publicly outed as likely PDP-Laban senatorial timber.

As if the Senate were not already heavily laden with silly wankers and craven toadies.

The sad thing is that bobotantes would probably elect these two self-promoting twits, and they would keep doing whatever “Tatay Digong” tells them to.

But the fun thing is that they are so preposterously stupid that their antics would make for great entertainment, if you’re into slapstick.

Lapdog Roque scared of fake news queen

Yapping Roque and Mocha eyes and Duterte.jpg

Surrounded by meaner dogs.

Venal propagandist Mocha Uson was busted yet again for pimping fake news, and Thug Regime “spokesman” and lapdog Harry Roque said he’s staying out of it.

He didn’t quite admit that he’s scared shitless of Mocha and her deranged horde of clueless followers (and his Thug boss).

But it’s very, very clear.

It will be interesting to see if the Despicable Shitrag, whose plainly defective reporting is at the root of this squabble, owns up to its obvious failure and falsity.

Or if it sees any problem at all here, other than the fact that it was plain busted.

When Harry met Puty

Roque and Putin dreaming 2

Thug Regime lapdog Harry Roque’s callous heart was a-flutter as he sucked up to one of his boss’s personal favorites and role models, Russian Crime Empire Honcho Vladimir Putin.

But the two seemed to assess each other quite differently.

That makes for a decidedly one-sided bromance.

Roque must secretly love to squeal like a pig.

Thug and sipsip start early on Trump charade

Duterte fatigues

He just LOVES to play macho and try to impress the other guys.

Tragic U.S. President Donald Trump cares nothing about human rights in the Philippines.  He made that very clear long ago in a telephone conversation with The Thug, a transcript of which was promptly leaked to media by the PH government, The Thug being so obviously proud of the little pat on the head he received from the pompous American former game-show host.

So it’s obviously unnecessary for The Thug to make blustery public statements about telling off Trump if Trump dares to inquire about the Thug Regime’s dismal human rights record and the thousands of murders he has orchestrated or condoned.

But The Thug did it anyway, apparently unable to control himself when given an opportunity to play macho and pander to the pseudo-nationalist insecurities of his more foolish followers.

It’s the same old game:  Make a big show of “standing up to” the big bad Americans and defying them, even when they have no interest in imposing anything, or when their only interest is a reasonable and sincere concern for the protection of Filipino lives and liberties.

Only the uber-stupid still fall for that silly crap.

Regime lapdog Harry Roque was more diplomatic but simply resorted to sheer bullshit when asked the same unnecessary question.

Roque surprised Trump.jpg

Lapdog Roque goes for a new look to suck up to the American blowhard.

Roque, who sometimes tries to pose as a nationalist when he thinks it will impress somebody, likes to flatter and imitate to ingratiate himself with powerful types, if possible, and now comically attempts to protect The Thug from his own stupidity.

It’s not working, obviously.

Roque: What Thug Regime? What murders?

Nose Roque shouting.jpg

Should we just start referring to him as “Pi-roque-o?”

Craven toady propagandist Harry Roque’s nose is rapidly sprouting now that he’s ended his charade and totally sold out to the Thug Regime.

In fact, this bloated buffoon claimed with a straight face to international media that this ridiculous quasi-fascist assassination state has “no authoritarian tendencies” since it’s constitutional form of government is patterned after that of the U.S.

Even the Despicable Shitrag seems to be snickering hardily at that preposterous assertion.

Having a Constitution is one thing.  Adhering to it is obviously quite another.  Little things like liberty, due process, and free speech.

Never mind the bodies that keep dropping, the constant threats and bullying, and the other stupid shit that The Thug and his spineless minions constantly engage in.

And never mind that erstwhile law professor Roque himself seems to be very unclear on the entire concept of constitutional rights, since he just recently proclaimed that The Thug “allows constructive dissent,” as if the exercise of dissent were dependent upon the whim of a powerful absolute monarch rather than a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution.

Roque would be more respectable if he were diagnosed with a serious mental health condition that has led him to actually believe the bullshit he now spouts on a regular basis.

The truth, of course, is that he’s just another shameless lying opportunist with a monstrous ego who tries to bullshit his way through and defend the indefensible for purely selfish motives.

That’s so much worse than just being a plain imbecile.

Roque to take Mocha to the woodshed? Doubt it!

Yapping Roque and Mocha

Scrambling to ingratiate himself with the media people he has been hired to mollify and manipulate, shameless lapdog Harry Roque has pledged to “explain” to rabid skank propagandist Mocha Uson and her angry and simplistic fascist groupie cohort “the value of journalism.”

One wonders if Roque is at all serious about this endeavor, or whether he and Mocha just had a good chuckle about it after the press con.

Or whether she promptly punched her fist up his punk ass.

Meanwhile, Mocha’s troll army has quickly turned on the hapless Roque and called for his ouster.  Roque says it’s all up to Daddy Duterte, and doesn’t seem very perturbed.

The Thug doesn’t seem to have anything to add to the kerfuffle, but he obviously never makes much sense anyway.

Duterte confused