Does anyone really believe Ozamiz Massacre WASN’T an obvious rubout?

Duterte 2

“Who me, direct or condone blatant assassinations by police?”

Is this yet another of the many instances in which everyone pretty much knows the truth of the matter but some just play along and act as if they actually believe claims that are ridiculously implausible but which allow certain parties to avoid taking any responsibility while attention spans wane and are inevitably distracted by a fresh tragedy or outrage?

Coordinated police raids in two separate locations just happen to result in the killings of 15 people, some of whom were allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, including the Ozamiz City mayor.

Somehow, virtually every non-police officer at each scene was shot to death while no police officers where killed.

Does that seem even remotely plausible?

And let’s be clear.  The question of whether any of these people were involved in illegal drugs doesn’t really matter here.  What matters is the question of whether the police killings were justified.

If the victims were involved in illegal drugs, they should have been arrested, charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned upon conviction.  The mere allegation of illegal conduct simply does not authorize police to summarily execute anyone.  Ever.

We’ll be looking forward to a credible investigation by the PNP Internal Affairs Service and others.  And credible follow-up on those investigations.  But we won’t be holding our breath.

Why?  Because the blatant police assassination of another mayor in a jail cell, and the killings of thousands of other alleged drug suspects throughout the nation, have not resulted in any credible investigations, much less any action.

And the whitewashing of other outrages that seem to have been swiftly forgotten demonstrates clearly that the police are acting with impunity as extortionists and enforcers of a criminal mafia regime.



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