Leave it to Erap for epic dumbfuckery with basura boat stunt

You just can’t make this stupid shit up.

Looking like a doddering old drunk who hasn’t updated his wardrobe since high school, habitual out-of-date Tondo Boy poseur, disgraced former president, and current Manila Mayor (go figure) Joseph Estrada put on his vintage black hightop basketball shoes and crusty old jeans to stumble aboard a banca the other day with some minions to participate in a Manila Bay “cleanup” campaign.

Outfitted with cheap butterfly nets, “Erap” and his entourage braved the foul and fetid waters to bob around and collect a few pieces of trash for a couple minutes while cameras whirred.

The problem, of course, was that Estrada’s ridiculous toadies weren’t content to have him scoop up the existing trash, of which there is obviously no shortage.

No, the sip-sip brigade actually dumped trash into the bay beside the banca so that Erap and his posse would have an easier time scooping their silly little nets for this ridiculous exercise in political theatrics.

No, you just can’t make this shit up.

A horrified TV reporter remarked, quite sensibly, “My god, is this a joke?”

Erap was unperturbed as usual.  It’s just a publicity stunt anyway, he later shrugged.

And that says oh so much.

So much of Philippine leadership, politics, activism, and public debate is just shallow palabas, totally insincere, and everyone pretty much knows it.

So why does it continue?  Why do so many people go along with these stupid charades?

The only real surprising thing here is that TV Patrol didn’t just go along with the ridiculous bullshit this time, but actually did a very sensible story calling out the epic nonsense for what is was.

We need more of that honest approach.  A lot more.

Meanwhile, the ambitious (some would say “wacky”) plan to dump many tons of dirt and debris into the bay to construct an artificial island for the wealthy near the Baseco squatter area is apparently plowing full steam ahead, with virtually no credible scrutiny from media or the public.



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