Will Inquirer be just another Despicable Shitrag?

We have no sympathy for the owners of the Philippine Daily Inquirer as they prepare to sell out to another media baron of sorts, perhaps under some pressure.

PDI has been a tool of elite special interests since its inception, and its mostly crappy reporting and frequent anti-American tantrums and propaganda distractions have never lent themselves to credibility.

PDI’s shameless crowing about “our commitment to pursuing the highest standards of journalism” is laughable.  Pursuing from a great distance, perhaps, but never really getting within cannon range of such standards.

Lately, however, PDI has served as something of an opposition organ as the Thug Regime cultivates shameless media toadies and acts all surly and threatening toward others.

So it’s something of a shame that PDI may soon be pawned off, especially if it is destined to become just another voice in the toady media chorus.

The Despicable Shitrag, which has taken plenty of shots at PDI in recent months, seemed to gloat on the possibility that the Thug Regime’s recent attacks on the owners over a property and tax dispute may have contributed to the decision to sell out.

Whatever.  PDI and the Thug Regime pretty much deserved each other, as far as we’re concerned.

But readers deserve much, much better.


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