Brown-nosed drama queen gets all weepy


Aspiring Dutertoad Antonio P. Contreras is quite a hoot sometimes, at least when he’s not pissing all over himself trying to defend the indefensible worst of the Thug Regime.

This time, he goes into full self-pity mode with all the vehemence of a jilted beauty queen and dramatically vows to defend his teaching credentials after allegedly being called out by unnamed critics for his constant stream of silly bullshit.

He declares that “I am also careful to verify the veracity of my fact claims, to avoid being a propagator of fakery. On the very few occasions in the past that I accidentally shared bogus sites, I immediately took them down when I realized the false nature of the information they contained.”

In other words, he quickly tried to cover it up after he got busted or, at the very least, totally failed to “verify the veracity” of the crap he peddled.

“I now teach at a university where most of my students come from the privileged and the elite. And I take this as an opportunity to expose them to the realities of life. I bring them critical thinking …” he snivels.

It would be comforting to believe that Contreras is actually capable of critical thinking, and that he was imparting that waning skill to impressionable young adults.  But it’s very, very hard to believe that such a callous purveyor of goofy authoritarian propaganda is so capable and would so instruct.

“When my detractors wanted to silence me, it was an external attack on my politics. But when they accuse me of being a threat to the education of my students, it was a personal attack that is beyond forgiveness.
It is an attack on my very being,” he practically sobs.

I don’t see anyone asking for forgiveness.  I see clear-eyed people who are appalled by a murderous regime and a dictatorial clown who is making the Philippines an international tragedy and laughing stock, and by the craven toadies who abuse their positions of influence to uncritically praise this ridiculous bullshit.

He’s in good company over at the Despicable Shitrag, which is constantly bringing itself down to a new low.  At least it’s entertaining sometimes due to the depths at which it and its bevy of scribbling harlots habitually stoop to debase themselves and the institution of free speech to promote patrons and pursue ulterior motives.

It’s just very, very sad that Contreras is also in any position to influence young people seeking honest education.


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