Keep your eyes on the China sellout

Cayetano bows down.jpg

Some people are just made to bow down to others.

Slippery sipsip Alan Peter Cayetano is obviously in way over his head as Foreign Affairs Secretary, but then again saying “Yes, Boss” to The Thug and bending over for China doesn’t really take much skill.

The recent news that he’s headed to Panda Land again comes as no surprise, unlike his secret previous trip as advance stooge of the Thug Regime.

But it will be interesting to see what transpires this time around.

The concern among regional allies is that the Philippines is quickly becoming another Cambodia in terms of carrying China’s water and undermining the collective interests of the ASEAN nations, which stand a much better chance of dealing effectively with China if they work together as a group rather than allow themselves to be cornered or sweet talked individually, bought off, and manipulated.



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