Weasel vs. weasel on stroke rumors


It’s been quite a hoot watching the Despicable Shitrag and Malacañang piss all over each other — and themselves — regarding a report that the reason for The Thug’s recent hiatus from public view was a mild stroke that required medical attention.

Former Marcos minion Francisco “Kit” Tatad casually reported the stroke story in a backhanded Shitrag column the other day.

Thug Regime mouthpiece Ernesto Abella quickly denied the story in a press conference that the Shitrag was forced to cover.  Or did he?

Abella said Tatad “may just be creating fantasies” and “must be sourcing something that nobody knows about.”

That denial-of-sorts was made in such a weaselly manner that it left the door wide open for continued speculation.

Maybe The Thug was just busy stroking himself in the mirror?

And then Tatad went into full weasel mode himself and claimed he had never alleged that The Thug had suffered a stroke, but had merely reported that others had told of the stroke.

So positively Marcosian.

Tatad had written that The Thug “was reported to have suffered a mild stroke, which reportedly affected one of his arms, and brought him to Cardinal Santos Medical Center in Greenhills last Thursday, where he reportedly also underwent a ‘peritoneal dialysis.'”

Tatad certainly didn’t question the veracity of the alleged report, but amplified it by reporting further that “highly informed sources said Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. briefed some members of the Cabinet about it on Friday.”

The kicker is that fellow Shitrag scribbler and aspiring toady Antonio P. Contreras had just thrown a hissy-fit about tour guide Carlos Celdran acknowledging a rumor that The Thug was comatose.

Contreras claimed that Celdran “posted in social media that the President was in a coma.”  Actually, Celdran had merely posted a claim that someone else had made, and acknowledged that the claim remained unverified — a disclaimer that Tatad had not included in his version.

Contreras hasn’t weighed in yet on the Tatad-Abella piss-a-thon.  And we’re betting that he won’t.

Oh, the irony.

And, of course, the bottom line is that it is very likely true that The Thug was out of commission because he needed medical attention for one malady or another, and that neither he, his minions, nor his craven apologists are being open and honest about it with the public.

The rumor we heard is that The Thug was rushed to a proctologist after Mocha got a little too enthusiastic with him during a fisting session.  But that’s unconfirmed, mind you.

Duterte   Mocha fist.jpg

Meanwhile, Marawi City is still burning while Mindanao remains under martial law.


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