An asshole unstopped

Duterte  My butt hurts!


One thing about sputtering junkies is that they don’t tend to make much sense.

“Stop publishing.”  “Asshole.”

Yes, that’s the most coherent thing The Thug had to say about the scathing New York Times editorial calling on the world to condemn him for his reign of murder.


But that’s not surprising, since he is widely believed to ultimately be personally responsible for this wave of murder under color of state authority.

And let’s make no mistakes.  The vast majority of these killings are cold-blooded murders and not “shoot-outs” between desperate criminals and heroic police.

And most of the victims seem to be skinny, cringing, dirt-poor, pathetic druggies, rather than the wealthy and powerful drug lords that the myths peddled by this thug regime have attempted to perpetuate.

Meanwhile, the plot continues to thicken with the discovery of a secret police detention facility in Tondo that is patently illegal on its face.

The question now is whether anyone will actually be held accountable for this blatant criminal activity by authorities.

Required reading

Speaking of the New York Times, Miguel Syjuco had a brilliant opinion piece in the April 26 edition, entitled “The Injustice System.”

He eloquently makes the point that the popularity of President Duterte’s ruthless approach to addressing crime is rooted in the widespread failure of the overwhelmed criminal justice system.  It’s not a new or particularly insightful observation, but he explains it very well:  “Our criminal justice system has never been able to properly exonerate the innocent and punish the guilty.  No wonder so many voters put their faith in Mr. Duterte’s vow to root out crime in his first six months as president.”

But, once again, too many people put their faith in a false messiah to magically solve intractable problems overnight.  We’ve all seen this movie before, folks.  It never ends well.

Inevitably, the Duterte version has become a horror show, and the “war on drugs” has become just another war against the poor.

As Syjuco puts it:  “The poor, who’ve always known justice least, now bear injustice the most.”

It’s definitely worth reading and thinking about.

The next Golden Toady?

Tiglao.jpg Would you like to use mine, boss?


Nominations for Manila Pagpag’s apparently coveted Golden Toady Awards are coming in fast and furious.

The latest entry — and it’s a strong one — is Despicable Shitrag propagandist Rigoberto D. Tiglao, a former underground Communist-turned business journalist-turned government mouthpiece and patronage diplomat-turned crude propagandist and pseudo-fascist regime toady.  Obviously, he’s changed his stripes a few times as opportunities presented themselves.

His latest butt-smooching missive not only fails to make persuasive arguments, but also flat-out lies.

He claims that the New York Times “has portrayed our country as one where thousands of corpses of the innocent litter our streets . . .”

That’s false, of course, as the Times never made any claims about the thousands of victims being “innocent.”  And in fact, many of them are probably quite guilty of mostly petty drug offenses.

For some reason, Tiglao won’t allow himself to comprehend that murders of thousands of people who haven’t been found guilty of any crime is a much larger crime.  But that’s what toady propagandists do:  ignore, spin, attempt to confuse, defend the indefensible, and hope to create enough confusion or enough reinforcement of preconceived beliefs to be effective.

Tiglao claims that the editorial “cheered the International Criminal Court to convict Duterte for ‘mass murder’.”   That’s false too.  The editorial simply called for the International Criminal Court to initiate a preliminary investigation.

That’s what credible justice systems do:  investigate, weigh evidence, and determine whether the evidence proves guilt.

The Times editorial also noted that The Thug has cheered the mass murders and compared himself to Hitler.  Obviously, this is a man who must be stopped.  It doesn’t take a genius or a court’s conviction to arrive at that logical conclusion.

Notice that Tiglao slips in various appeals to emotional nationalism and post-colonial sensitivities as well:  “let the Filipinos condemn,” “American paper,” “our country,” “when it comes to the Philippines,” “against our country,” “do a patriotic act and write the NYT letters of complaint,” “not allow biased reportage to slur our country,” etc.

Obviously, he’s cynically attempting to equate well-founded criticism of illegal state-sponsored executions of the poor with criticism of the nation itself and Filipinos as a whole.

It’s a deliberately deceitful attempt to incite nationalist emotions for purely political ends — in this case, to deflect attention from the underlying truth of thousands of murders and a wobbly presidency.  All to eagerly prostrate himself before an unhinged buffoon whose putrid old ass Tiglao hungers to suckle.

The “best” he can argue is that the Times wrote that the complaint to the ICC alleged 9,400 murders, when it actually alleged “more than 8,000.”  That’s so pathetically weak and lame.

And, of course, Tiglao never deigns to even hint that the murders should perhaps be stopped, whatever their true number may be.

What an absolute fucking disgrace by a worthless piece of shit who should know better.

Tiglao is a goddamned liar, as well as a craven opportunist and shameless lackey.

Alas, he still has plenty of competition for the Golden Toady.

Golden toad



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